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Anyone with cablevision having internet connection issues today 8/21?

It may seem absurd to ask on an internet forum!

But the connectivity problems only seems to affect certain sites, and is not affected.

The only news I could find on the issue is, of course, one of the sites that are not coming up. It is working on my cellphone, it only mentions Connecticut and Westchester:

It's not a DNS issue, DNS is resolving. Only certain sites don't respond, and the IP ranges seem random. The servers just don't respond.

Maybe it has to do with that backhoe that took out MetroNorth track signals yesterday in Yonkers and fouled the commute. Random guess, who knows.

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Comment by Kevin Newman on August 22, 2012 at 4:20pm

had to go to library - all sites OK at my local library (Arlinhton branch Pok. lib dist)

very shortly after today's AM report my internet/web went down

second report
10:18 hrs Time Warner TV listings page NG - got oops! this page appears broken error msg
same time went to launch Google Chrome - not loading
10:40 OK
1045:hrs NG (was OK yesterday)
DNS server ping NG now
1058:hrs traied to launch IE came up with blank screen then closed
tried to launch chrome again still NG after a long while got error msg screen - error 118 connection timed out

then I got more creative and agressive in trouble shooting problem - I tried network places on my PC for 1and1 - this is ftp for my website to upload pages images etc. - NG get cannot connect to 1and1 error msg then I tried my Virgin Mobile 3G cell phone for the web - some sites OK at least the main sites in main menu like - which would have dif route etc than
13:50 hrs
on my phone I also checked - OK
I checked special experimental site and small format page - NG
then I went to check my VM account which is web based and got a blank screen - so Virgin Mobile is afected as well
I also tried and my phone rebooted!

judgement day may be upon us - SkyNet is taking over!

Comment by Kevin Newman on August 22, 2012 at 9:45am
Ben,had same problem yesterday and now today Wed. 08-22 - I have TWC Road Runner - I am using Google DNS server as main DNS server - IP address - most sites were not loading - the Weather ch site would not fuly load - have both IE and Chrome both same get blank screen but no erro msg that cannot find server etc.

yesterday 08-21 OK NG NG (this is my website hosting and e mail) OK NG OK
at 09:50 hrs. all or most was OK - will see soon if today is like yesterday

as with yesterday ping to DNS servers OK so I have connection to these
discovered obviously this site OK - did not load and just now (loading in another tab) came up with a oops! this page apears broken error msg
1and1 e mail finaly just loaded but with error msg

will report later
Comment by Ben Royce on August 21, 2012 at 9:33pm

Yup, all clear now. Thanks Randy.

Comment by Randy Caruso on August 21, 2012 at 7:19pm

Yea same here, ugly all day. I think they were doing a little traffic shaping to keep the main stuff online, as if they had limited bandwidth. They killed off the hogs (reddit/imgur). Seems like it's running clean now though.

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