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Two weeks ago, my neighbor got water in his basement and of course, to get the water out it poured out onto the street. It must be awful to suffer from flooding like that.


So I didn't start complaining until it was over a week of my suffering. Last weekend our guests slipped in our driveway because of the unexpected water. This morning, I slipped on my property because of black ice. I can not put out salt because it is running water and would be washed away.


The wonderful very kind city employees have investigated and there are no laws regarding running rivers from your property onto city property. I can understand that because if people get water in their basement that is what you have to do.  But maybe the law needs to be changed for some sort of deadline?


The street corner of Siver and Dutchess Terrace is getting damaged by the  continuous water for two weeks. There are holes in the street and ice. It is very dangerous. Especially this morning because of black ice.


BTW, this neighbor has not come over and discussed it. Our last conversation he threatened me by starting the conversation off with "I am a correction officer". He spoke in a threatening manner to another female neighbor.  So our starting the conversation is NOT an option.


Any suggestions on how to stop this?

What if he does something illegal on the weekend like he did last year?  Is there a department to call?

Can I get sued if someone trips on my driveway?

Will the city get sued if there is a car accident because of the holes (that can't be repaired due to running water)?


The city employees have been wonderful but gee, surely there is something that can be done?



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Comment by Anna West on March 31, 2011 at 1:52pm

You can feel sorry for this person, but he never called the city or an expert. He is waiting for other people to take care of the problem, after all his driveway is fine.  He forced me to do this, so he can complain that I am a crazy complainer. So I ask you. who pours the water out into the streets (for weeks) and does nothing about it?  The water department didn't even know until Monday after me posting over the weekend.


Are you also going to feel sorry for:

Me being forced in desperation to do this, when I like HELPING not hurting people?

How about me, after a Water Department employee laughed when I got splashed with water being 6 feet away from the curb in my yard?  BTW, I knew I was going to be splashed since I am splashed every time I try to work in my yard.


What about all the damaged drivers of cars?  Check out the road damage that can't even be repaired. Feel sorry for them?


What about if someone slips and breaks something?  Many chronically ill  and elderly people died within a year of a broken leg/hip.  Feel sorry for them?


Finally, this is costing the city big time. So why not feel sorry for us taxpayers, if you don't care about my lack of ability to use my whole yard.

Comment by Anna West on March 29, 2011 at 2:23pm

That neighbor should be coming to me, no way am I going to him. After I complained to him about the cement truck staying in reverse for 20 minutes (constant beeping), at 7AM he purposely moved his car right to the driveway so the truck would go back and forth, back and forth to get out his driveway at 7:30AM.


He could dig a hole with stones, make a French drain. He didn't even start doing anything AT ALL until I posted here--TWO WEEKS after my suffering started. Engineers and water department came yesterday and today. 17 days later. So he obviously did nothing at all until this was posted.

Comment by Amy Brosey on March 29, 2011 at 11:23am
There might not be any other place for the water to go.  Why don't you and your neighbor ask the city for special permission to output the water into the sewer line?  It's normally not allowed, but if it's flooding the whole street they can allow it.
Comment by Anna West on March 28, 2011 at 8:49pm
I take it back.   Can I file harrassment charges?   Isn't there anything I can do?  He did a couple BS fixes which only worked until the ground absorbed the water and now it is back to what it was.  Our house is a moat, all access surrounded by water and ice.   Looks straight ahead, pretends there is nothing wrong.
Comment by Anna West on March 28, 2011 at 7:47am
Thank you, thank you. The power of the internet continuous to amaze me. This communication has not only saved the city lawsuits and other expenses, it also saved the causee and me too. Before this, what I could not get across to anyone was the action of the water (a pump off and on) worked exactly how they make ice for skating rinks.  All my photos were taken later than 9:30AM when joggers, and walkers could have easily slipped and became injured. The cold + running water for weeks is the reason the road is also very damaged. Nothing that freezing ice to break up asphalt.  Speaking of holes, I guess the city will have to spend money on the repairs, but the damage has stopped.
Comment by Anna West on March 27, 2011 at 2:19pm

The first picture with the drain is my driveway (on the right). It is spread out that way because it is pure ice. Black Ice. Also because of bits of road from the big holes, (second picture) are clogging the way.


Comment by Andy Brown on March 27, 2011 at 1:31pm
looks like there is drain on the street that water is running toward, but the street isn't graded properly to get the water there efficiently.  i would think that aspect of it something the city should correct.
Comment by Anna West on March 26, 2011 at 2:28pm
Thanks, he finally redirected it to his own yard. Helps the city but not me. Will post more pictures later.
Comment by Evangela on March 25, 2011 at 2:05pm

Can I get sued if someone trips on my driveway? 

I am not an attorney but I know (via home insurance) that people can sue if they are injured on your property, even if they are not invited guests. Your home insurance policy would cover some of this. However, I wouldn't consider this as a viable option since the cause for the ice is not by your hands. Sounds like your neighbor is taking cues from the inmate population he supervises.

Comment by Claude Willis on March 25, 2011 at 12:29pm
This is ridiculous.  Do not be threatened by his stating his occupation to you.  It's no more scary than if I sternly stated to you that "I am a chef".  Continue unabated on your quest.  Gather as much info as you can, talk to whomever you can, but keep the dialogue going.  You have a very legitimate question, and concern here, and there should be a means to provide you with a tangible end to it.

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