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A flip of the coin... school; no school;school; no school.....



   I don't knpow about you, but I've been wondering about something.... Just WHO makes the decision to  call a snow day and when do they make the final call?  Is it the Superintendant of Schools; a Sub-Super along with someone paid to stay up all night to watch The Weather Channel; who then reports his or her findings to the Super,..... WAIT.. News flash !! 5:37a.m. No School today... a good call in light  of the reports that have been coming in. But I'm Still wondering just who makes these decisions some of which have been , shall we say, off the mark. Well, I have an idea; but, like God, I can't really prove it to you  100%.. Like the Hobo Ghost in Polar Express, "Kid, ya gotta Believe." 

So. Here it is.... Its the Garden Dwarf. Yup. Know how I know?  Cause it's MY Garden Dwarf and when I looked out side earlier he was hunced over his garden box, the blue glare from his computer screen revealing  two fugures.  It was... yes, of course, the Rombout maintenance man and the Super and sub-Super sitting at the 84 diner taking notes. But while the Garden Dwarf was at his computer, I happened to see, a round object sitting next to his mouse-pad. It was.. well, now I understand. Of course. It was the Eight Ball...!!!!  Bought from the weather channel during a promotional advertisement.. "Now, you too can be a weatherman-woman!!!"  I think it's time to walk the dog.

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Comment by Beth Lewis-Jackson on February 1, 2011 at 7:20pm

word on the street.....Mack makes the final call!

Comment by Sannebear on February 1, 2011 at 11:05am
If you go to - there's a link regarding how they make their decisions, under January 2011 news.  It's just one of those years...

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