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A cry for help on behalf of the people of Japan and New Jersey!

  We here at Bubba's Hot Boiled Peanuts Inc. are gearing up for another nutty season of pleasing your palettes, but before we get started with that we have to help some good people first! I am personally involved with a non profit organization named "WaterWithoutBorders" whose prime mission is to bring clean drinking water to those who need it. That brings me to the message below. It is cry for help and it is not going to be heard without you. Please read it and do what you can to help. We all take forgranted going to the faucet or fridge and pouring ourselves a clean glass of water...but some don't have that luxury. And get ready for Bubba....the fires are burning and the waters boiling...Love you all and God Bless each of you!



 We at WaterWithoutBorders are very troubled by the latest disaster in Japan and the flooding in our neighboring state of New Jersey. WWB is working on ways to help those effected most but we cannot do it without your support. We are currently directing the majority of our resources to the effort in Haiti and it would be a great financial challenge to take on the Japan/New Jersey projects without additional funds. But we must help.


  So if you can donate anything to WWB, even a single dollar, it would do wonders in our attempts to help everyone who is in dire need of clean drinking water around the globe. If we can get everyone on this website to give just $1 (and help spread the word for us) then we can achieve great things for those in need.

 Please keep the people of Haiti, Japan and New Jersey in your prayers and think about how little $1 is the next time you go to the faucet to get a glass of water.


  To help us out simply go to our website and click on the "DONATIONS" button. All donations are tax deductable and are guaranteed to make you feel good inside! 



Frank Evert



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