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The County Executive has released his budget for 2010, which reflects a *nearly $500,000 (50%) cut* in county funding for your Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County Association.

While we recognize that resources are limited and that these are difficult times, we also know that if this funding is not restored, these significant reductions will impact you due to layoffs and reductions in or eliminations of our educational programs and services.

You can show your support for the 4-H Youth Development Club and Green Teen programs by attending the Legislative Budget Committee meeting on Tuesday, November 10 at 1:00 in the Legislative Chambers, 22 Market Street, Poughkeepsie and at the Legislative Budget Public Hearing on Thursday, December 3 at 6:00 in the Bardavon Opera House in Poughkeepsie. Please RSVP to Angela Sullivan at or 845-677-8223 x114 before attending either meeting.

Also, please contact the Dutchess County Legislators and voice your concerns about the funding cuts and the value of the educational benefits of our 4-H Youth Development, 4-H Green Teen Community Gardening, Agriculture and Horticulture, Environment and Food, Nutrition and Wellness/ /programs.

Thank you.

CCEDC Board of Directors

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Comment by Big Pimpin on November 11, 2009 at 8:46pm
I think that most people would agree that this sounds like a worthwhile program. Those people who feel as such should pool their money together and fund it. That applies to all other special interest programs (a small group of people coercing money from a large group of people).

If this program is a need or a want, then the private sector would easily support it. Don't use tax payer money - the bleeding needs to stop somewhere!!!!
Comment by Mark Roland on November 11, 2009 at 8:33am
You mean special interest as in the future? Since when are children learning life skills from others in the community "special interest?"
Comment by Big Pimpin on November 11, 2009 at 8:09am
Great program!! Programs like this are terrific, as is pop warner football, but they should not be funded with taxpayer dollars. If any of the money if from taxpayers, then it should not go to fund special interest programs like this one.
Comment by Mark Roland on November 7, 2009 at 5:36pm
The Green Teens work with Common Ground Farm, bringing a mobile market with locally grown produce to low-income residents of Beacon, was one of the real bright spots of the summer. Reading what some of the kids had to say about the experience made me believe this kind of programming can help people find a positive direction in life, while learning about and experiencing healthy foods, nature, business, and community. We should be spending more on these kinds of programs during times like this.

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