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4th grade class at J.V. Forrestal Elementary and Pete Seeger win Grammy

How cool is that? ;-)


Grammy for Best Musical Album For Children: "Tomorrow's Children," a CD by Pete Seeger with The Rivertown Kids and Friends


It's Pete's third Grammy. Congrats kids and Pete. And also congrats to Tery Udell, 4th grade teacher, and Dan Einbender, Hudson River educator, who made it happen!


Clearwater received a state Department of Environmental Conservation grant that allowed Hudson River educator Dan Einbender in 2007 to work with children in the Beacon school district. 

 Einbender taught Udell's fourth-grade students about the river. Udell expanded his role in the classroom by implementing the way he used music in river education into other areas of study. 

 "What do you do after that?" Einbender said of the Grammy win. "I'm not sure. I just feel content, validated. This is an incredible validation of the work that we did."


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