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The New Administration -- Next Steps

I know that many contribute to the political process and ongoing community and governmental activities personally, serving on committees and attending Council Meetings, but online voices were impressive in this past election and unless everyone has election fatigue, this should continue without interruption.  After the election Randy Casale outlined his agenda for the Poughkeepsie Journal.  It appears that his priorities include:


1.  Keeping costs under contril



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Day After Election Analysis

1)  I’m struck by just how non-ideological our local elections are.  Across the nation, voters rejected rigid conservative agenda initiatives – repealing a law limiting union rights in Ohio, rejecting a crack-down in voting rights in Maine, and rejecting an anti-abortion measure in Mississippi.  Randy and others running on the Republican line won without any party ideological divisiveness as issues, thank goodness.  (And congratulations to the winners.)

2)  Despite the keen interest…


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Newburgh, Number 1 Murder City in New York State with Poughkeepsie coming in 2nd.

NY Magazine has a story on Newburgh which should discourage anyone from crossing the river.  The good thing is the article states it is nothing like its Bohemian neighbor, Beacon.

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Early Analysis of Mayor's Race

I can't take credit for this.  Found it on the site.  But I thought it was worth sharing:


"This year’s election for Mayor of the City of Beacon looks like it will be exciting and close. Here are the factors that will make a difference this November:

1. MONEY. It doesn’t cost a ton of money to run for mayor here. My estimate, when you add up the signs, position cards, pens, etc., is only about $5,000. Both candidates should be able to easily raise that…


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NADA comes to the Hudson Valley

NADA, the New Art Dealers Alliance is launching a new art fair July 30-31, in a 19th Century former foundry up in Hudson.  It is so great to see this group expand to the Hudson Valley.  Good News.  Here's some info:



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