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Forming a Hudson Valley Exchange B2B Barter Network

Hi all,

I organized a workshop a few months ago in collaboration w beahive - Community Stimulus: Local Currency + Barter Networks,' to gauge interest locally in this topic area.

I've been in regular communication with Amy Kirschner, (who spoke at the workshop) who runs the Vermont…


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Superhero School: An Epicenter for Disruptive Innovation


(this is a cross-post from my blog, emergent by design. i drove by the old craig house hospital a few weeks ago, and it inspired me to write this. i've been working with innovators/entrepreneurs in the tech space around the world…


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Followup from Local Currency & Barter Network Workshop 10/22

Hi all,


It’s been a few weeks since our “Local Currency & Barter Networks as Social & Economic Drivers” workshop, held at…

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Beacon Bucks? A debit card that rewards shopping local


I just came across an article that was in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, titled Community Currencies Aim to Aid Merchants. It's a story about a neighborhood in San Francisco, Bernal Heights, which…


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How Can Business-to-Business Trade Networks Build Local Resilience?

hi all,


i just posted this interview with Amy Kirschner of the Vermont Sustainable Exchange to my blog, crossposted below. Amy will be joining us in Beacon for an event at Beahive on Oct 22: 



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Anyone interested in learning about local currency & the new economy?

hi all,


I'd like to know if there are people in Beacon who are interested in local currencies & new economic infrastructures. At the moment, I'm organizing an event that will be held in NYC this Fall called the Contact Summit, and its purpose is to bring together people from around the world who are using/building social technologies in ways that enhance humanity.


One of the focal tracks is Future of…


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Launched first Future of Facebook video on

finally got our first Future of Facebook video launched, and the piece ran on, which was cool. 


here's the video... 



i don't think facebook is going to be the platform that is really going to be facilitating…


Added by Venessa Miemis on August 19, 2011 at 9:38am — 4 Comments

Open Foresight & The Future of Facebook Project

hi fellow beaconites!


i've just launched a project on kickstarter yesterday that i wanted to share with the community. though this specific project is about the future of facebook, the bigger picture is the 'Open Foresight' model and how we could use that to understand specific complex issues, create a vision for their future, and then develop roadmaps for what we can do right now to achieve those visions. combine that premise with the kickstarter platform for fundraising,…


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An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks

hello fellow beaconites. i wrote this recently after digging very deeply into what the web is really all about and what it empowers us to do. since i moved to beacon, i thought that because of our manageable size and the seeming intentions of a few well meaning individuals, we could make change happen fast and become a national (international?) example of what a resilient city looks like. i have been trying to put into words why and how i think this is possible and important. here is what i… Continue

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are you going to get an iPad?

hi everyone, i'm just doing a bit of ethnographic research, and would appreciate your input. as most of you have probably heard, apple unveiled their newest toy on Wednesday, the iPad. i'm in the middle of writing a piece on its potential societal impacts, and was interested in the opinions out there.

so, based on the information you have so far, do you intend to buy this product? (you can watch the keynote and the video… Continue

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$444,900 94 Delavan – New Construction ($5,000 check to buyer at closing!)

Looking for a new construction in Beacon? Look no further. This post is highlighting a 4 bedroom new construction at 94 Delavan, but will also cover all new constructions currently for sale in Beacon, NY. I'm going to briefly go over the home's features, give an overview of other comparable homes that have sold in Beacon recently, and the other new constructions that are currently on the market. Here are some images to get us started. (click to enlarge):…


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9 Open Houses (and prizes!) in Beacon this Sunday 01/24/10

Well, the ladies at Manor House Realty are pulling out the stops for a *flurry* of Open Houses around Beacon this Sunday, January 24, from 1:00 - 4:00pm. Visit and sign in to just 4 of the homes and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gas card. How bad could THAT be? (oh, and there will be snacks and desserts, too). Here's a quick overview of the where, what, and how much. Shoot me an email for more detailed info.… Continue

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How the Real Estate Industry Works

There's a lot of confusion about how the real estate industry works, who's best interests are being served when dealing with an agent, what questions you should be asking, and where the money goes. One of my main goals with this blog is to demystify the industry and provide quality information so that you can make information decisions when buying or selling a home. I'm going to try and give a… Continue

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New on Market: 1 bedroom Beacon Condo for $99,500

In the spirit of transparency and contextual information, I'm thinking about new ways to present listings so a potential buyer has a better sense of the big picture. Here's a new listing for a 1 bedroom condo in Colonial Springs in Beacon. Please offer any comments at the end of the post!

3 Colonial Road, unit #71 (click to enlarge)

Basic info:

Bedrooms:… Continue

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Beacon Real Estate Report: December 2009

homes sold in Beacon in December 2009

cross-posted from

follow news, tips for the home, & the truth about real estate on Twitter @roostchooser

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Beacon Real Estate Report: November 2009

cross-posted from

Here’s a quick snapshot of all the properties sold in Beacon in November 2009.

This info is also available in Google Maps: View… Continue

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31 Ways to Jump Start the Local Economy

Similar to the How to Build Community poster, this poster (available for purchase or downloadable as a PDF), offers 31 suggestions for "how to make it with less, share more, and put people and the planet first."

There's quite a few on the list that we're already doing well as a community, and others that were inspirational. Here's a few… Continue

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Infographic: Why Buy Local & Ten Reasons To Shop Local First

Local First, a Grand Rapids. Michigan based organization that encourages sustainable, locally-based economies has made a simple but effective illustration of how money flows if it’s spent at a locally owned business versus a non-local business.

They explain their top ten reasons to shop local first.

Read more… Continue

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On This Day in Beacon's History: April 30, 1931 - Old Car Barns No Use to New Buses

Old photo of the Car Barns facing Main Street with two Fishkill Electric Railway trolleys parked in front. The barns were located off Main Street, just east of South Chestnut Street

...Trolley Barns on Main Street for 38 Years

The Fishkill Electric Railway Company, which had operated electric streetcars in Beacon from 1892 to 1930, announced on April 30, 1931 that it was no longer interested in leasing the car barns… Continue

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Grants for Teens Interested in Social Change Projects

I came across this non-profit organization the other day - Do Something - that may be a good resource for any of you with children (under 25 y/o) wanting to do some social action project.

They're an organization committed to empowering teens by providing tools and resources so they can take their ideas and turn them into action. They have lists of different causes that students may be interested in (education, environment, violence &… Continue

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