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Second Saturday Jam with ST.George and Friends @ Joe's Irish Pub last nights performers were!

Last night players were: Robert Perrone, Smoking Monkeys, Charlie Adams, Don Caetano, Alan Paul, Jack and Friends(David, Steve and Roddy), 

Harley Fine, Vito Luizzi (Johnny Winter drummer 1999-2001), Jake Benedict, Mark Drums Pisanelli, Mary Stone, Harry Lawrence, Thom Joyce, Mitch Florian, Nick Mara, Anthony Ricevuto, Marry Poppins(Spoon Lady), and the best house band a guitarist singer could ask for and Friends, Anthony F. DeMarco, Joseph Nott, Francisco…


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Alfie Kohn to Speak at Pougkhkeepsie Day School on April 25

Alfie Kohn, described in Time magazine as "perhaps the most outspoken critic of education's fixation on grades [and] test scores," will speak at Poughkeepsie Day School on Thursday, April 25. His talk, “The Schools Our Children Deserve: Helping Students Become Critical Thinkers and Lifelong Learners,” is sponsored in association with Vassar College and Oakwood…


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Second Saturday Jam with ST.George and Friends ever expanding allstars @ Joe's Irish Pub last nights performers were!

 A great night it was, even magical. Entertaining us last night we had Karl DushinHarley Fine, ,Jake BenedictBob Costello, …


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Second Saturday Jam with ST.George and Friends @ Joe's Irish Pub March 9th 8:30pm

The best local musicians entertain. St.George and Friends play from 9 till 10 then the jam starts, 3 to 6 musicians at a time playing 3 to 5 songs or 20 to 30 min. depending on how many musicians show.

Sign up at 8:30 get there early if you want to play early, the list fills fast. Wether you play or just want to listen it is always a great time.

This jam is in its 11th year!!

Joe's Irish Pub

455 Main…


Added by russell St.George on March 3, 2013 at 7:48am — 1 Comment

Second Saturdays Ever Expanding Allstars with and Friends @ Joe's Irish Pub Feb. 9ths line up was

Second Saturday jam @ Joe's Irish Pub hosted by St.George and Friends in its 11th year

Here is the list of performers from last nights gig, Jake Benedict, …


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Tioronda Kids;"Songs Of The Garden" Sargent~Downing Gardens CD Is Completed And will be released In Any Day Now!

The New Tioronda Kids; "Songs Of The Garden" CD Is Completed, and Coming Soon! Special Thanks To Eric Helmuth, Dassi Rosenkrantz-Cabo, Richie Cabo and The"Tioronda Kids" (Noga Cabo,Itai Levi,Adam Cabo,& Zohar Cabo) who all volunteered and donated their time and services. Oct 13th Tioronda Kids will be performing Live songs from the new Sargent~Downing Gardens CD At The 2nd Annual Sargent~Downing Gardens…


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The Second Saturday Jam With St.George and Friends @ Joe's Irish Pub

Thanks to all who came out last night, it was a great night as usual,and how can it not be with all the great musicians and patrons of Joe's ! thanks to the following musicians, Robb Ross saxophone, Charlie Adams guitar and vocals, Bill Smith drums, Dave…

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July 9th's Jam with St.George and Friends at Joe's Irish Pub

wow wow wow what a fantastic night, unbelievable talent!!!!!! Thanks to everyone that played. The musical spirits were @ Joe's Irish Pub last night and they stayed all night. The musicians were right on and you couldn't see a show this good even if you were at the Garden, talent talent talent and years of playing, a list of musicians who played will follow, gotta recoup first!

Last night Rick Aparicio guitar, bass and vocals, Mike Randolph bass and guitar, Bobby Day bass and vocals,…


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Hi all- 


Had an interesting 4th. Neighbors and I found a 2-feet rattlesnake in our back yard. Despite not being native here at all, it was coiled and rattling, so I'm pretty sure we were spot on with our identification.


We tried to pin/trap it, but it escaped under our deck. Police said they don't handle snakes (though they said they'll take a shot at it if it's out in the open). Will be trying to call animal control later. If they balk too does anyone have…


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Save the Beacon High School Pool and Fitness Center for the citizens of Beacon

Beacon citizens unite:

Our community is finally undergoing a renaissance after years of stagnation. We have suffered through crime, drugs, dysfunctional schools and elected officials that did not address the needs of the community. At last Beacon is making progress; the citizens are getting involved and you can see improvement all around the city. We passed a budget to build a new high school and in return the community was promised access to the pool and fitness center ironically… Continue

Added by lillian glauda on June 23, 2011 at 9:08am — 10 Comments

Sewing and Hand Embroidery

To all Beacon citizens and the surrounding area:  I am offering Sewing Classes and a variety of Needle Art Workshops here in Beacon throughout this summer.  This is one art form that has not received much attention here in the North East lately although quilting and sewing seems to be thriving in the Mid Western and Southern parts of our country.  This surprizes me because of the interest in historical preservation…


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The next time you go to drop off some junk at the transfer station, take a look at the pile of red, rusting arched iron bridge sections dumped against the fence. If you are new to Beacon, you most likely will have no idea what they are or where they came from. If you have been here for awhile, or if you grew up here, you'll recognize this pile of rusting iron to be the bowstring truss…


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An Idea Worth Spreading: The Future is Networks

hello fellow beaconites. i wrote this recently after digging very deeply into what the web is really all about and what it empowers us to do. since i moved to beacon, i thought that because of our manageable size and the seeming intentions of a few well meaning individuals, we could make change happen fast and become a national (international?) example of what a resilient city looks like. i have been trying to put into words why and how i think this is possible and important. here is what i… Continue

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Summer Special exclusively for the

DAILY DISCOUNT COUPONS may be used 8 times each X valid for 1 use

Print, clip and save---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Print, clip and save

Cup and Saucer Restaurant and Tea Room

165 Main Street , Beacon


summer discounts good through August 28th '09'

Monday Free Salad with the purchase of any entree $9.95 or more


Wednesday Free bag of chips with any… Continue

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