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Event to Explore Creative Economy and Entrepreneurship, 
Impact on Community and Economic Development in the Region
June 7 — Beacon, NY


A group of committed citizens is organizing a day-long event full of stimulating and…


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How Can Business-to-Business Trade Networks Build Local Resilience?

hi all,


i just posted this interview with Amy Kirschner of the Vermont Sustainable Exchange to my blog, crossposted below. Amy will be joining us in Beacon for an event at Beahive on Oct 22: 



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Anyone interested in learning about local currency & the new economy?

hi all,


I'd like to know if there are people in Beacon who are interested in local currencies & new economic infrastructures. At the moment, I'm organizing an event that will be held in NYC this Fall called the Contact Summit, and its purpose is to bring together people from around the world who are using/building social technologies in ways that enhance humanity.


One of the focal tracks is Future of…


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Launched first Future of Facebook video on

finally got our first Future of Facebook video launched, and the piece ran on, which was cool. 


here's the video... 



i don't think facebook is going to be the platform that is really going to be facilitating…


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Join Beacon's Community Barter Group

In the spirit of building a stronger sense of community, and saving us all a few bucks in a downturn economy, a community barter/exchange group has been formed. Instead of paying for all the goods and services we want/need, perhaps we can make life just a little easier (and more sociable, rewarding, and fun!) by relying on one another.

Please join the Community Barter Group, and post your requests/offers by starting a discussion in… Continue

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Video: The Crisis of Credit Visualized

This video went viral a few weeks ago, so you may already have seen it. It's a great animation that aims to break down the current economic crisis visually so it can be digested/understood more easily. I think we'll continue to see this as an exponentially growing trend - using 'new media to make sense of an increasingly complex world', as the video's creator puts it.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from… Continue

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