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I’d like if we could pick figures from the group, enlarge them to window size for Windows on Main Street. Beth and I have begun working on Hudson Beach Glass. Post any other ideas you might have for doing a Window on Main St.

For more info on Windows on Main Street go to Floor Ones News Post.

Floor Ones news post

Or Windows on Main Blog Spot.

Windows on Main St. Blog Spot

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Just wanted to say that the Windows on Main St projects are site-specific installations created especially for each selected storefront, not just any art.. so the proposal might be more like drawings connected to whatever the business inside is.
Maybe you could tie the drawings in with some wordplay that relates to the figure drawing is getting back to brass tacks, then have the art hung with brass tacks in the Nichols' hardware store window. Getting back to basic structure, so to speak.
Hudson Beach Glass

Windows on Main St. 2009

Shoji Paper
3ft x 25ft Rolls
Translucent Fiber Sheet

Shoji Paper Screen

3rd Floor

3rd Floor


Color Red Ink Test

Experiment with light out side using hardware.

Experiment with light & hardware for hanging in window .

This is great, I did some work and love the light!!! It looks like we are on for Saturday. What is your email address? Mine is
Very, very impressive!

Beth Lewis-Jackson


Edward Vermehren

Shoji Paper
Back lit with studio lights.


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