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Herbalist talk on 7/16 at sargent & Downing Gardens and Nursery; What do you think is important in education related to horticulture?

  Sat., 7/16, at 10 am. at the University Settlement Camp in the Sargent and Downing Gardens and Nursery there will be a FREE talk about the medicinal uses of plants in our herb garden. Herbalist Sarah Elisabeth will also show you the different culinary herbs we have grown.

  Afterwards there will be a class on making Pesto in the kitchen from the garden.The Basil is ready

Children are welcome and can have a play date at the park.

   Come and visit the gardens they are open to the public to enjoy and are growing beautifully.

Tell us what types of programming you think are important for children and the community in the areas of horticulture,environmental and sustainability education. We want to know! We are planning for our new future educational area at the garden.

    Come and volunteer with us join up at on the friends page tab.

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