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As you know, each 4th of July, the City of Beacon puts on a Fireworks display. This display is paid for by local business. Earlier in the year we recieve a letter asking us to contribute. This year, I recieved my letter and sent in my normal donation. Then, last week a representative from the Beacon Kiwanis Club stopped in and asked if I would like to donate for the fireworks. I informed that I already did and that I sent the money to the City Of Beacon. 

He smiled and told me that is why he is here, someone complained about the city doing sending out the letters, asking for donations and then taking in money and that the city will no longer do any of this. They will now rely on local people and organizations to so this, if any will volunteer. The Kiwanis Club stapped in this year as the last minute and are struggling to make up the donations.

Do we not have anything better to do in life than complain about such trivial matters?

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Greg, the pettiness of some people will always suprise me. I know exactly the type.

There is nothing wrong with the city asking for donations for fireworks.

But to some overly legalistic busybodies with too much time on their hands, it's a grave threat apparently to us all, and must be stopped, in the name of baseball, apple pie, and um, Fourth of July fireworks.


If I remember correctly, the City put on the fireworks for years.  It was taken out of the budge when we needed to cut to help keep the property increase low.  Then some generous businesses and a few individuals kicked in for a ouple years and took the money to the City and they paid the bill. Unfortunately as the rumor mill has said (yes that is my source this time)m there was moeny left over and instead of the City savng to be used for fireworks the following year, used it for something else.  This upset many people.  The money was for the fireworks and not to add to the City Coffers.  I know the talk was to collect the funds and only pay to the City the amount due and keep the balance in an account of the following year.

Personally I am not sure what happened this year but I am a penny pincher.  I do not want the City spending money on mail outs. At thsi point they either do it all and worry when the bill comes due or they dont and let the community raise the money.  It would be nice if we could work it into the budget and pay for them with City funds.  They benefit the whole City. Maybe we to use one of the "donations" to organizations that the town gives to groups in the City that benefit a small population.  There ae creative fund raising opertunities here that could offset the cost as well. 

Thank you to the Kiwanis Club for jumping in and thank you Gregory for your donation!  So, where do I send my check?


(Yes I listen to gossip so I may have this one wrong a bit...) 


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