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Beacon has a long history of political sign problems. Now the Council and Mayor are getting involved, making worse--and turning it into a hot issue.  Embarrassing, actually.

Signs are considered FREE SPEECH. Which means people should be arguing about the person/persons who is removing signs of the one party. Actually, during primaries they could be removing signs for the opposing candidate of their preferred party too.  I have seen people dismissing/defending the sign removable as either "not happening" or because they were on private property or other bull.  This past winter I saw signs show up for the special election on a Saturday and they were ALL gone Sunday morning. Both parties should protest this, instead of whining about Newburgh taxis drivers driving around urging people to vote. BTW, Newburgh is in that same district for that candidate so that came off as racist. Just sayin.

Now the council and mayor discussed a law about limiting how many signs on each block or limiting the sign size, placement on public property, etc etc.  Obviously, the Mayor is upset about the stickers that someone put up about "liking him but not for mayor".  Why isn't he and everyone else on the council upset about the (at least several elections) removal of signs?  There is STILL a sign up for the Mayor BTW,. I think he is doing a good job BUT the bias towards one or the other party is very very harmful to Beacon and I wish people would realize that.  

I don't think the Council or Mayor should endorse candidates publicly, that is harmful to Beacon. When they endorse and that candidate doesn't win, Beacon could be ignored.  It will be more influencial to the candidates than to Beaconites and not favorably.

The smart thing to do would be to pass a law about signs after the date with a cheap fine. Not only after elections BUT yard sales etc. That would clean up the town nicely. I also think people should be allowed one yard sale/estate sale per address a year.  Someone holds them all the time on a very busy street, making it dangerous to drive there.  We have the Flea now and that should be supported.

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Some more info on this topic:  The ACLU says it's unconstitutional unless ALL yard signs are enforced with the same law.  Do we really want to limit ALL signs you might want to post on your property?

Thanks for the link, that is what seemed so silly about the discussion, didn't anyone do research first?  Whoever brought it up as an issue could have just done 5 minutes of googling before wasting everyone's time. It was embarrassing to have people witness that go on for a half an hour.


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