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Last night my family as well as numerous in the neighborhood had our vehicals broken into.  For us the loss was a GPS (A nice and easy to use one) and a power converter. My neighbor across the street, a GPS. The neighbor on the other side a small purse with money in it and on and on. The whole place was effected.  We are on a busy open corner, Washington and Falconer.  The street is busy even at 2:45 am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning which is when this happened.  How do I know that?  Wel,l we have security cameras and yes we caught them on video which the police now have.  We see the two young men in the front of my Volvo going through things and stashing my electronics in to back packs. This was un-nerved me.  They came into my property and sat in my car and went through my things.  I was upset of course and when I drove to the gym later this morning I was angry.  Then I came home.  My husband then showed me footage that would change my feelings.  After a couple minutes the video cameras come back on.  Then you see a larger man in baggy long shorts, ball cap and sneakers come around from the side of the garage, along side of the car and then he comes up to my house to try THE DOOR!  He looks right up into the camera and he is wearing some sort of a face covering to mask his identity!  He then backs away from the door and goes to check out the side of the house.  This tells me he planned on breaking into the house.  The house that my family was sleeping in! I was madder then I have ever been before and yes I was frightened.  I am frightened. This is the safety of my family now and not just a GPS.

This is how people get hurt.  If we had surprised him or he us, what could have happened?  What about my eldrly neighbors?  What about the single women on my block.  


Someone said to me today, "Well, the economy is rough so you have to expect this kind of thing".  To that I say NO.  These are thieves. They are the bad guys.  They are lazy and sneaking and dirty and low life. We have to watch out for our fellow Beaconites.  Watch your neighbor's house and property and they should watch yours.  Tonight will be a rough night sleeping... 

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How terrible.  This happened to us last year - thieves went into our unlocked car (lesson learned!).  Were the car doors on your street unlocked, or did they break into them?

My house was burglarized while I was at work when I lived in the south; so professional they were that I didn't even know I was robbed until I was home for a few minutes, and then noticed the TV missing.  They removed a window pane from a corner of my house that was hidden from view by neighbors or from the road; no noise, no ransacking, probably took no more than 5 minutes for the whole thing.  The good news is that I had insurance, and they even paid for the "replacement cost" of a Commodore 64 computer ;)   It was very creepy to know that some stranger was in the house.  I think my house may have been cased when I had a yard sale a few weeks before, and one furniture item for sale was in the house, so people came in to look at it.

Both my cars got hit in one night a little over a year ago.  My 9 year old to this day, double checks our home entry doors  and locks the car doors with the remote every night.  Just about half the houses on my street (Bank st) have either been broken into or have items taken from the outside.  But watching them come up to your front door and try to get in while you are home is a whole different thing .  I have an alarm system with a panic button and a lot of signs. it is worh the cost   

I hope you filed a police report, Renee!  There were multiple break-ins farther down Washington Ave several weeks ago--people on my block had items stolen from cars as well.  And I have been hearing about more auto break-ins around town.  But Washington Avenue seems to be a hot spot.

Yikes!  I live a block away from you, Renee.  When I got into my car on Sunday I noticed that the seat had been moved.  I blew it off, but now I'm sure someone was in my car.  I have nothing of value in the car, but still, it's creepy.  I hope they catch these thugs.

Hi Renee,

We had our car stolen in the middle of the night when we lived in Brooklyn; so we never leave anything more desirable than

a box of tissues in our car any time, and always lock it. Sorry this happened to you, Renee; thanks for the heads up!

But in NY, the crooks have to pose an immenent threat to your life to be able to shoot them, and that is pretty much only if they are in your house, and you have no way to flee (yes, let's protect all those poor criminals who break into homes; we wouldn't wan't any of them to be harmed while they rob you)

Jo Barber said:

LOCK AND LOAD   People....It is your right!!!

See That is the thing.  If I left my car open or not..stay out of my car.  But when you head towards my house, with a mask on (which tells me you are truely up to no good and that you actually thought about this) then I say...WTF?  Do I come and take ANYTHING OF YOURS?  But besides that, this is where my family sleeps.  So last night I happened to be alone in the house when the dog went nuts.  I could not quiet him to save my life.  So I called the police.  Now, I know you hear bad things about them from time to time but I have nothing but the best to say about them now. They were here in a flash. They searched around the house and were very kind to me.  At no time did they make me feel like I was being silly or a trouble to them.  I actually was able to sleep later in the night.


Now, the video from the security cameras, as soon as I get an ok fromt he detectives I will upload them here so that maybe someone will recognize them. 

Joan you are probably right.  We know when something does not feel right... Please be careful and if you need anything just holler
Joan Martorano said:

Yikes!  I live a block away from you, Renee.  When I got into my car on Sunday I noticed that the seat had been moved.  I blew it off, but now I'm sure someone was in my car.  I have nothing of value in the car, but still, it's creepy.  I hope they catch these thugs.

Just back from vacation, locked bikes stolen off the porch - they left behind a Razor Scooter and a cell phone cover - should be pretty easy to identify and could tie the two areas together. Hopefully somebody can make an ID on the bastards - police report is next.

A friend of mine had his house broken into during the day last week.  They slashed the screen on an open window (he left for a few hours during the day, house was locked, but window was open because it has been 90 degrees everyday) went into the house, stole a laptop and gold and left quickly.  He close to main street and now everyone is a suspect.  In my neighborhood there are a lot of car "break ins".  It happened to me last year, but there was nothing for them to steal...not a good feeling nonetheless!

This is our neighborhood, we're only a block away. This terrifies me. Thank you for sharing, Renee, and I'm so glad you all are ok.


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