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Is anyone happy with their plumber?  I need a recommendation.

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Not Panzetta...!

Joan - We've used McMillen as well and were happy with their work.
We use Mcmillen and have not been disappointed ever. We are very happy and I didn't think they were that expensive and they are nice.
Another vote for McMillen.

I use McMillen Brothers in my business quite frequently and am always happy with their service. Jean the secretary is wonderful to deal with.

 I used Penzetta for my home in the past and was not happy.

Hi Joan! Paul DiGiovanni is excellent and a great guy. His number is 845-742-6884. recommendation page...  really fair prices..honest..neat..and good...native beaconite...

try that again ....

I dislike being negative, but I consider this a public service:  stay far away from T. Webber Plumbing and Heating.  They are out of Putnam Co., Cold Spring, I think.  Their pricing practices are nauseating (they have a "Black Book" - literally - with fixed prices by service, regardless of how long it takes them, what the parts cost. etc.) and astronomical, but it is their malpractice that is of greatest concern.

So why was I fool enough to use them, you ask?  Desperation.  My husband first hired them when the boiler broke and I was out of town.  I usually handle these things, so we overpaid.  But at the time, we had no one else (our first plumber fell off the wagon and stopped returning calls), and they *are* very responsive.  That is why they get business, I imagine. And know how it don't have someone reliable...and the boiler breaks down again (in part, due to T. Webber, but we didn't know that at the time:  see below)...this is how they prey upon people, I think.

So, as to the incompetence:  the skill of the plumbers they send out varies from extremely good to do-you-really-have-a-license?  And as to the incompetent ones...that was the most recent person they sent. This young man circumvented a safety feature in our boiler to get the heat back on (the trade-off of which was not explained to us, or we would have opted to stay cold!), then left it running this way for days until the part came in.  

I later discovered that what they did was a major malpractice no-no, and that the boiler could literally have exploded and killed my husband at any time!  I cannot remember the name of this fail-safe device, but what is important is that the device tripped...because the burners were completely corroded...because the fresh-air intake was placed too close to the exhaust (not T.Webber's doing), which caused condensation and corrosive gas to leak back into the boiler and corrode all the burners. T. Webber's *does* have historical culpability in this saga, however in that several years prior, they charging us an astronomical fee to put in a trap on the exhaust line to alleviate a gas leak in the cellar (which was the direct result of the exhaust coming right back into the house!), but they did not tell us this of course, so our $$$ repair was nothing more than a band-aid so Central Hudson would turn the gas back on, and which would continue to allow the burners to corrode!  Which they either knew (total scam) or didn't know (total incompetence), who cares?  So it all circled back around, *conveniently* to this safety valve tripping in Feb. of 2010.

The story ends with me calling the owner and telling him how furious I was over their incompetence.  I got excuses, denials, diversions and suggestions that I did not know what I was talking about.  I then said, "how about I call my attorney and see what he has to say about the chain of events resulting in exposing my husband and our property to such a potential catastrophe?"  The owner said, "that's crazy, that's crazy."  And then he tore up my checks, refunded my credit card, and I paid $0.  

In short:  I would rather be cold in February than hire this company.  We ended up spending $3,400 to completely reoutfit our boiler with new burners, orifices, valves, you name it (via a different company...and NOT including the additional $2500 or so required to fix the exhaust problem the *right* way, which caught early enough would have been the sole expense!), due completely to the fact that the exhaust/CO2 re-uptake was "misdiagnosed" years before by T. Webber (it takes a long time to *completely* corrode a boiler burner tube, apparently)!  'Nuff said.


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