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Hi, I'm looking to pay for monthly internet at my apartment. I've been pilfering weak wifi signals from the neighbors for too long...


I've explored many companies. Most of them want you to call them for a quote, to make yourself vulnerable to their tricks!


The least expensive option I have seen is Optimum at $30 a month if you install it yourself.


Has anyone had any luck with smaller, local internet providers? I have heard of one on the radio but I can't remember the name of it.


Or, has anyone had good luck with the larger companies? What do you pay? I suppose this is only answerable by those who do not have package deals (I don't have or want a TV or home phone).


Thanks for any advice you have to offer!

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Let us know what you find out. I've got Optimum cable internet (no phone, no TV) but am paying nearly $50 a month. Where did you see $30/mo? I don't think Verizon Fios is available for much of Beacon but you can check their website out to know for sure. I doubt it'd be any cheaper though.

I saw the optimum deal online; it's for new customers and only for 12 months, when you order online and install it yourself.

The price I saw for Verizon was $50 a month for 1 year. Bogus!

I got optimum cable internet for $30 a month for my first year which is just about up and then it goes up to $50.  I didn't have to install it myself though but must have been because the house wasn't wired already.

I beleive there are only two dedicated providers in the area:

Verizon DSL and Optimum. 

FIOS is not in Beacon yet.

You could get a wireless connection through Verizon wirelesss, Sprint or ATT, but that may run a bit higher along with a contract. 


I live in a poor Optimum area and am looking to go with DSL, but am considering a triple play with Direct TV..  Can you say RED ZONE.     

Theres no local companies, you probably heard an ad for frontier which some of hopewell is stuck with (they're horrible). Fios is available where I am (Davis st), but if you only want internet its pricey. Optimum is your best bet. Do not get a wireless connection from the telcos, its capped to 5gb/m and then they will bankrupt you with overages.

Just some words of caution:  avoid DirectTV at all costs.  I tried them out and ended up buying out my contract because they were so shady.  They quoted me a price which ended up not including many basics.  I had to call them frequently because of bogus charges on my bill.  They sent me an email saying that if I signed up for automatic bill pay, I would get free HD for life.  When I did, they continued to charge me the $10 a month for HD; I told them to cancel the HD and they told me they couldn't because I had the wrong kind of box and it would cost me ton of money to change to a non-HD box.  And when I paid to get out of my contract, they would not pick up their dish, which I now have to pay to dispose of.  I've spoken to others who have had similar experiences.  All in all, a pattern of very dishonest "gotcha" business practices!


joan: I've heard good things about DirecTV from friends, but they're in different areas mostly. Did you sign up directly through their site/phone or through a third party like sams club? Also if by pay to dispose of you mean throw out, you might want to just put the dish on craigslist as free, I'm sure someone will take it.

If you have a cell phone you might look into a data plan with a router option ... where your cell acts as a wireless internet router to your other "network appliances". There are also "stand-alone" wi-fi routers ... pocket-sized ... that have 3G/4G service included for up to five simultaneous clients. Your provider will have different plans based on your needs. If you like live performances, go to Best Buy and ask for help. If you like the NYTimes see David Pogue

or this

Vane (I'm searching for the perfect answer, too; perfect is the enemy of good)

Vane: These will be expensive and have a high cap, just updating the OS normally can bring you very close to these caps. You should never use those for full internet unless a wired option isn't available.
A problem with using a cell connection for a computer, at least in this area, is the very low speed.  My phone is on Sprint 3G/4G, and there is no 4G service in Beacon (the closest is White Plains).  Inside of my apartment, the speed on 3G would be painfully slow if I tried to use it as a primary connection (I often switch my phone to wifi at home if using it for internet browsing or streaming video).  This would be a great option in NYC (where 4G is available from multiple carriers), but up here I would avoid it.  If we did have 4G coverage, I would drop my cable internet in an instant.
I think verizon has a deal for under 20 dollars they call it dry dsl because you don't have a phone. You also might consider mifi by verizon wireless then you can take it with you.


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