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I'm a first-time homeowner (just moved to Beacon last year), and I've been mildly shocked by how much heating oil cost this winter. Thinking about converting to gas later this year. Has anyone else had this done recently? About how much did it cost, and who would you recommend to do the work? I know my street has a gas line, so at least that part shouldn't be a problem.


BTW - This blog (and this discussion forum in particular) has proved extremely helpful with getting settled here. Thanks all!

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Did you ever get any responses to this request?  I have the same question...


Nope, which I suspect is because it's vastly more difficult and expensive than I thought. I was just recently looking into waste oil heating (biodiesel or used kitchen grease), but even that seems too involved.

Oil prices are getting crazy though, so something's gotta give. Might just put in a wood stove for next year to mitigate the cost.

Greg said:


Did you ever get any responses to this request?  I have the same question...


OK.  Thanks for responding.  I will probably look into costs and report back to the group.


You might want to look at this recent article from the NY Times, which addresses many of your concerns  -- and mine, since I'm stuck using oil too, though my wood-burning stove has saved me thousands of dollars in just a couple of years. It's especially great when the power goes out.

You should give Central Hudson a call.  they will explain it to you.  i looked into once but i don't have a gas line on my street so it was cost prohibitive for me.  Central Hudson will enstall a certain number of feet of pipe from the street to your house for free.  I believe it's a 100 feet. 

Thanks for the input.  I have looked into the issue a bit and there seems to be some significant costs involved.  Specifically, it seems that if you go for a high-efficiency boiler, you may have to get an insert for your chimney which pushes up costs.  However, there are rebates from Central Hudson which help a bit.  I will keep researching and report to the group about costs...

So, I just completed my conversion so I thought I would share my experiences.


First, there was already a gas line on my street so it was just a matter of Central Hudson running the line to my house.  This was easy and free but did take a while.  I just faxed a form from Central Hudson's website and a few months later, the big trucks came and made the dig.  They actually did a pretty good job and did not tear up my front yard much.  They also discussed the meter placement ahead of time with me.


Then, it was just a matter of the running gas pipes into the house, removing the old boiler, installing a new boiler and getting it running.  As to costs, I think that this is going to vary quite considerably.  I decided to go for a high-efficiency (96%) boiler that had an integrated indirect water heater for domestic hot water and added a second heating zone and baseboard heaters for the upstairs that used to have electric heat.  So, I think the cost of the boiler and the installation is going to be very house-specific.


As for paying for it, I financed the whole deal through an efficiency program sponsered by NYS called a "On Bill Recovery Loan".  I got a locked-in 3% rate for 15 years as well as a 10% discount on certain aspects of the job.  Here is the link.  Feel free to email me with questions!


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