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Looking for someone to repair plaster walls in our home.  Any suggestions appreciated!

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What type of work do you need? Could you describe it? Alejandro 845 8579977

Is it a job you don't think you can do, or don't want to do?  If you have never done it before, at least things like repairing nail holes and minor repair work, it's fairly easy to do with minimal investment in the tools required. 

I am a sculptor with experience on repairing plaster walls and artistic trims, molds, 3D works. The reason I asked you about details is because I am more inclined to work on complex situations.

There's a 2x1 ft. section of wall that's crumbling, with chunks of plaster missing.  Cracks in the plaster, plaster pulling away from the material behind it - see photo....

I see. I seems to be a simple situation. It doesn't show strong signs of humidity.I can repair it. 2-3 interventions in a span of 2 days. Feel free to call me.

Alejandro  845 857 9977


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