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Have any of you been part of a Dinner Collective, a Supper Swap, a Meal Exchange, et cetera?

My partner and I have been running one in Brooklyn, on and off, for about three years. They're an awesome way to meet and socialize, broaden your palate, and save tons of money!

Here's our Facebook page, if you'd like to read more

and here's an article that was written about us- we seem like doofuses (doofii?) but hey, press...

There was also an article about meal swapping in the Times recently, but I can't find it right now. 

ANYHOW. I'd like to start one up in the spring. Interested?

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Let's start this sunday. How's 1:30 either at my house or The Coffee Shoppe?


ALSO- I started a new group just for this so we don't bombard the community ideas group with DC issues. Please join!!!

Has everybody seen the new group?  It's moved to its own group so that we don't overwhelm this one.  Sunday (Yes, THIS Sunday!) is the first one, and we'd love to meet you guys!!!  I need to know how much food to cook and whether there are any preferences/allergies/etc to consider.  


Bonnie -- Can we count you in for two?

Brent - Coming?

Christine - Still in?

Others - did we have a vegetarian at one point?  


Feedback please, people!!!


I don't know if anybody else posted a number, but you can feel free to contact me at 418 4298 if that helps.   Thanks!!!

Sandra (sister to Wendy)


hi there - I'm definitely interested, but wont be at the naming. we just had a son and the bris (circumcision and naming) is taking place then. but please keep me posted!
Hooray, brent! Mazel tov!!!!

We look forward to having you at a later date. With a newborn, the ready made meals are quite a mitzvah!

no doubt! though thankfully, some of the wonderful people from our community ( have come through with meals, and its been a real blessing.

Brent - Mazel tov on the birth of your son!  I can't wait to meet him, as do Wendy and her crew, I'm sure.  We're all baby loving people, so don't worry that he won't be welcome.  I'm assuming that since it hasn't come up, kashrut isn't an issue?  Or is that the reason for your preference for vegetarian food?  I'm not currently keeping kosher, though I have in the past and can find my way around a kitchen.  Do you and your family eat piscoveg (fins and scales or any), ovolacto or vegan only?


Looking forward to reading more about emek project.  My kids attend Hebrew school at Temple Emanuel, but more community is always a good thing!

I got email from Wendy asking who is coming tomorrow, but I can't find it right now.  Yes, I'm planning to come tomorrrow and if anybody needs vegetarian options, advance warning is important.  Thank you!!!

Hey there! New to this thread. I'd love to be in the loop for the next possible dinner. My guy and I would love to come!



Wonderful!!! As soon as we have enough interested participants, we can begin!

What days are good for you? Sunday brunchtime is best for me until the beginning of jukym


Sunday brunch can work most weekends. Wednesday through Saturday evenings are possible most of the time too!

Keep me posted!





Awesome.  Can't wait!  What do you like?


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