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Have any of you been part of a Dinner Collective, a Supper Swap, a Meal Exchange, et cetera?

My partner and I have been running one in Brooklyn, on and off, for about three years. They're an awesome way to meet and socialize, broaden your palate, and save tons of money!

Here's our Facebook page, if you'd like to read more

and here's an article that was written about us- we seem like doofuses (doofii?) but hey, press...

There was also an article about meal swapping in the Times recently, but I can't find it right now. 

ANYHOW. I'd like to start one up in the spring. Interested?

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We are definitely interested.
Hooray! Shall we start in march? I like the idea of twice a month. We used to do it every week but people had a hard time making that sort of commitment. How does every other Saturday feel?

I'm feeling great about the number of responses so far.

We are also in.  Let us know when and how it works.
Here is my suggestion.

Let's start in March, say... every other weekend? Like the first and third Saturday, for instance.

in the coming weeks, everyone who wants to participate should provide the following information:

1. How many different cooks will participate from your household? (My partner and I both participate, so that counts as two different meals.)

2.***approximately**** how many servings you're interested in swapping (we are casual about this. You take home as many portions as you contribute. If you only need five meals, you only have to bring that many, or bring any extra to throw in the equation just for fun. Whatever. This can vary week to week as per need)

3. Any ***important*** food issues. Allergies, vegetarian/lifestyle stuff, physical intolerance stuff. I hate raisins, but I'm not going to die if I eat one.

4. (Optional: you don't have to do this part but frankly part of the social exchange for me at least, is the sharing of food likes and dislikes.) Tell us the foods you enjoy cooking, flavor profiles, cultural regions,etc. Also tell us what you hate. I promise, for instance, to never cook anything with raisins in it.

Even if we swap meals and there's a meal that you can't eat for some reason, we'll be reasonable and swap around so everyone's comfortable. There's no way to completely please everyone all the time, so we have a general vibe of going with the flow.

Saturday evenings work best for us. How do you all feel about that? You can come, swwap and leave, or in the past the way it has worked is that whoever has hosted has made one less contribution in exchange for one meal that is eaten as a social event right then and there. Then everyone takes the rest of the meals and goes home. If there were board games involved I sure wouldn't complain... I'm just sayin'... :)

Please chime in. I'm so pleased that this is getting off the ground so soon!

1. There are two interested cooks in our household.


2. I usually prepare around 6 servings of what I make, but can comfortably up that to a dozen if there's enough interest. 


3. I have no food allergies. My partner has sensitivities to vegetable proteins like legumes and nuts, though she can eat them in small quantities. She is allergic to most soy products like edamame and tofu, but can have soy sauce and tamari. She is also allergic to green beans and most stone fruits. On the other hand, we are pretty good at divvying up our share into what each of us can eat. She gets anything with raisins in it. 

(I don't really hate raisins THAT dramatically. They're just so easy to use as an example of something nasty and vile.)


4. I don't like okra or eggplant, but will eat them like a well raised child. I will eat ANYTHING if it is blanketed in cheese. Dairy is my friend. I have a moderate tolerance to spice but am very interested in training myself to eat spicier foods. I am a VERY adventurous eater and will try anything once. I enjoy every kind of meat except veal. Lamb is my favorite, and often share purchasing of local grass fed animals with my sister. I love most vegetables, especially ones that deviate from the broccoli/spinach/peas rut we sometimes fall into here. I like stir fries and slow cooked stews and curries. The wife is good at all of those, as well as sort of southern comfort food, and can bake like crazy. Sometimes for her contribution she makes breakfast breads, like cheddar bacon scones, or gingerbread muffins. You might get half a dozen breakfasts instead of one dinner. I also love to cook with seafood, and am always making a goal of eating it more often. If you avoid the darker fishes for mercury stuff, let me know. I'm looking forward to making my bluefish with moroccan spices and couscous. 


I'm definitely interested in expanding my flavor palette as we share meals!



We want to join and March is great but we won't be able to swap dinners first week of March -Hero
Bummer!!! If at any time you change your mind, come on back!

Be well,


Who is interested in meeting soon for Dinner Collective? We are available to host at our house on the 5th or 6th of March, or the 13th or the 20th, which are both sundays. If evening isn't good, brunchtime is ok too. 



We could probably swing either of those.


1. There is just me cooking as long as you want to live (just kidding, Lisa's cooking wouldn't kill you, but she doesn't really enjoy it.


2. I could probably cook 6 servings of stuff.  


3. We don't have any food allergies.


4. My mind is in a fog right now (Friday at the end of a long week is probably not the best time to answer this).  I cook a lot of different foods.  I'm not very good at ethnic food, although we love to eat them.  I make a lot of soup, chilli, spaghetti and meatballs etc. in the winter.  Salads, grilled dishes, and more vegetables in the summer.  This doesn't seem exciting right now, but I have more to offer. I will add to the list as I think of things or just surprise you.

Hi there - we're interested in meeting, and Sundays are definitely better for us - Saturdays categorically don't work. A wrinkle to throw into things - we really only eat vegetarian food. Is that workable in this sort of set up?


Thanks so much for getting the ball rolling on this!



I meant to reply a while back, but I guess I never got around to it.


>1. How many different cooks will participate from your household?


My partner doesn't get involved, other than occasionally taking a meal off my hands if I don't want it.  

>2.***approximately**** how many servings you're interested in swapping


Flexible.  Five, ten, whatever.  Something freezable is a big plus so I don't have to eat it all before it rots.


>3. Any ***important*** food issues. Allergies, vegetarian/lifestyle stuff, physical intolerance stuff. I hate raisins, but I'm

>not going to die if I eat one.


Violent shellfish allergy.  An even stronger dislike of raisins than Wendy.  Hmm... Not sure if I missed anything but I'm sure Wendy will remind me if I did :)

>4. (Optional: you don't have to do this part but frankly part of the social exchange for me at least, is the sharing of food

>likes and dislikes.) Tell us the foods you enjoy cooking, flavor profiles, cultural regions,etc. Also tell us what you hate. I

>promise, for instance, to never cook anything with raisins in it.


I enjoy different, exotic, interesting, new.  I get bored easily.  I do not like eating plain rice and beans, which is my kids' favorite meal.  Pizza is also one of their favorites and if I never have it again, it'll be too soon.  You get the idea :)  


I'm currently playing with Weston Price guidelines, though far from religiously, and am using as many local ingredients as my budget will allow.  When I'm not broke, I get free range eggs from Woodstock and raw dairy from Stone ridge and make my own yoghurt.  When I've got some extra time, I get organic wheat from Millbrook and grind it myself.  When I'm broke, well, I get milk, eggs and flour from Hannaford.  I've got kids, so I can't afford to be rigid.


>Saturday evenings work best for us.


Since I can't drive after dark, I may have to bring you frozen meals earlier in the week and pick them up after, or maybe carpool if I can twist someone else's arm into joining with me.  Though missing board games would suck.  Maybe we could work something out privately.  

Brent - I'm not thoroughly opposed to Sundays, though Wendy's schedule on Sundays may not be flexible enough.  She tends to be a lot more busy Sundays.   As for vegetarian food, I don't see a problem with that.  I can make some vegetarian stuff and some non.  I do that all the time anyway, since my partner and kids are ovolacto and I'm not.


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