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People on the farmers' market committee have been abusing their power. I would like to form a group of concerned people to vote off old members who are doing this and add a fresher group to the committee. If anyone is interested in this please email me. Mary Fris is a mean lady and is bossing vendors around and abusing the market. I want to see the market vibrant again. It needs a change, if you are for change please let's get together and see if we can make a difference. No petty arguments I want positive people with real ideas.

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Do you want rude committee members who bad mouth each behind backs? Do you like people in power abusing their power? If you answered no, then please email me. Or comment here.

Hi Maggie,


I know Simone from the newly opened Bakery on Main st (All you Knead) handles the Farmers market in Beacon.  Thier new location is at 308 Main St next to Yarnarella.  She sells the bread down there on Sunday and I would voice that concern to her.  She is a nice lady and I am sure she would like to hear these concerns.   


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