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I mentioned before that graphic designer Steven Blumenthal offered to design our logo. (Thanks Steven!) He and his wife Shelly are moving here next month from the city. Below (and attached) are a couple directions from the second round. I have my thoughts but I'd love yours.

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Well Charlene "I don't participate in anything but have nasty things to say about everyone" Vesuvius (wow, I think I like that even better than Charlene: Beacon!) most freelancers have their own brand that they push. There is certainly PR benefit in showing a client how you stay connected and linked in to a network of good ideas, and I'm sure as the space begins to develop whatever group social projects they choose, any promotion of that project might also shine a little PR light on individual members. I don't believe that Scott is trying to make a corporate conglomerate out of the members, just a cooperative community. Let's ask him, shall we? I think last I saw he was over in the corner, greedily counting his shekels and planning his retirement off shore accounts from this venture...
Apologies for ducking out of the discussion. I was off negotiating to buy my new yacht...

Thanks for all the comments so far. Nice. I haven't yet had a chance to digest them all (yacht purchases are consuming -- and I had a lot of shekels to count), but Steven has been following along and sent a note with a new direction. (He only asked me to post because he wasn't able to upload the image.)

I was reading the forum comments and thinking about how to approach the community idea from a different angle. I'm looking closer at the table idea. Something we briefly touched on at the first meeting. I'm starting to really like it as a metaphor for Beahive. Both as a place where people sit down to communicate, eat, talk, etc.; and simply as a place to plop down your laptop and get to work in the space itself. ta⋅ble 4. a group of persons at a table, as for a meal, game, or business transaction. I thought I'd make a table out of the honeycomb hexagon thereby keeping the iconography in both the bee-world and the community-world.

After the initial one (with legs) I played around with taking off the legs to simplify it, which ended up looking like a building in it's own right.

love the table with legs. the reverse (white) beahive is crisp and clean, the shading of the legs gives us more than one varient of color, the angle is clear and the treament is both direct reference and resonant metaphor. Thanks, Steven, for letting us observe your process from the gallery.
table with legs is cool. the other ones seem too much like home base on a baseball field.
I really like table metaphor....the one with the legs ....and not the solid one because the solid one looks a little too industrial l (and forgive me for being a politcal junky but like the pentagon)....the first one is working for me....and /or perhaps ...the ttable with legs in the circle , small above the type like you have the solid one....great job a graphic designer myself aI know it's a challenge to work with so many opinions!
really like the table with the legs. great combination of both concepts. though i think i like the type best kept straightforward, not in perspective. the addition of the gray with the type knocked out is striking, but i prefer the table free floating, not enclosed. when it's open it gives a more accessible feel. run some more with the first two. great job!
I really like this new idea of the table. It looks great and the concept is great, I just hope that we don't hear any comments about it looking like an ant trap...
freelancers go in, but they don't come out!
Rob Penner offered his own take on the logo and said I may offer it to the group for discussion if I so please. So...

I think we have it! That is brilliant!
A new direction from Steven. Really liking this one, with perhaps a tweak or two. Thoughts?


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