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I mentioned before that graphic designer Steven Blumenthal offered to design our logo. (Thanks Steven!) He and his wife Shelly are moving here next month from the city. Below (and attached) are a couple directions from the second round. I have my thoughts but I'd love yours.

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oooh, fun! I like the single head (on right). The first one reminds me too much of pac man.

Hmmm... can we get one of those table-style arcade games for the Beahive? :)
Both look great from a design perspective, but in my opinion the logo on the left represents more community which we are striving for while the one on the right represents individuality. So for me the logo on the left is more closely aligned with what we are trying to accomplish with the Beahive. However, I'm sure there are many ways to interpret this.
i may be too tired, but i don't understand the honeycomb 9s. we shouldn't sell ourselves short. i'm a 10, dammit.
Kelly, you're the 3rd person (4th, including me) out of as many to think Pac-Man!
Keep the comments coming...
Love the hive reference....I agree that the logo at the left is better as a concept but the st style of the "faces" are too whimsical and do reference pac man too much....I think a riff off the left one....twith the faces amended....maybe to llook more '09 techie?
I also am drawn to the one on the left, but also thought Pac-Man.
John, I just noticed your logo (avatar) shares the same colors...
My preference goes to the single head image, I think it is a clever treatment of the whole concept behind beahive.
I could warm up to the single head but I like the concept of community on the left. I agree that it's a bit whimsical and Pac-Man like, but perhaps the faces can be changed a bit as noted and each be a different color to represent diversity, perhaps with a face in the center of the ring that represents the bee hive color (I'm a bit color blind so never ask my opinion on colors). Maybe each peripheral cell can then have an actual persons face pictured inside (maybe that's going to far but just throwing out thoughts).
what about something more abstract? (.....i like nodes......)

That looks great Venessa!

Venessa Miemis said:
what about something more abstract? (.....i like nodes......)

I like the rounded corners of both versions, very friendly and accessible. I also like the two tones of honey on the right, but agree that the community feel of the left version is better. Perhaps some of the hexagons could be one color and some the other? (not alternating, though) Also, what if the faces didn't all face the same direction, more of a gathering of little conversations than a round robin or game of gossip? The face shape (however unpackmanlike it ends up being, though packman and his significant other are KNOWN for their industrious nature!) could stay the same, which keeps the clean look, but the two colors and different orientation of conversations might add some nice visual energy.

Also, I think the lettering of the name is fine, but would love to see it "relate" more to the graphic, and there are a thousand ways to do that so I leave that to the designer. As the name is a B2B name I don't see any problems with the look/feel for perspective tenants, because they ARE the customers. The closest a client might get to experiencing this brand would be to go to a meeting with their vendor at the Beahive building and/or space, and then the graphic is certainly clean and clear enough to work and adapt well. Perhaps those hexagons on translucent vinyl adorning the corners of the Main Street and side street windows? Might be peppy without overdoing it.


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