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Hey all,

So Sherie and Ron of Kringle's Christmas House have done the hard part - organizing, insuring and securing the space.

But I was enamored of the discussion we began about Made in Beacon and also somewhat daunted by the idea of an event every Saturday, so then it struck me - why not have a Made in Beacon table/booth at the Hudson River Market that is a collective of items made by this group?

I'd like to know what you guys think of this - it would be more for "dabblers" like myself who don't have a large inventory, and are just starting to market their wares. We could share any investment in table/tent costs, and figure out a system to track whose items were purchased. If we took turns staffing the table, then we could reduce the number of Saturdays we're giving up.

What do people think?

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hey kelly, i think that's a great idea! I like the idea of keeping it all in one place so as not to spread out any potential buyers. I know a lot of people who make stuff, but may not have the time to make stuff every week so this would be a great way for them to participate.
Kelly, I too was wondering how I'd find the time to make lots of things, so this sounds perfect for me too.
that sounds fine to me guys, but just so you know, don't be so concerned about having to come up with inventory for every week. I said I will post more info by the end of the week, but i better let you know now, the whole market is dedicated to beacon artists, crafters, dabblers,business owners. You don't have to commit to every week. The way it will be run is simple. You can be a drop in ( come whenever you want, providing there is space) There is a capacity for at least 24-25 vendors,with a whole row dedicated to standby/drop in people only, and the rest can be for people who want to book more than one week. It will be pretty flexible.
For those that want to book for a whole month, they can, either consecutive or spread the days out, it will cost $25- per day, 9am-5pm, for those that just want to dabble you can come whenever you want, once if you like to try it out, that price will $30-You get a whole 10x 10ft space.You can share spaces, it's up to you.
All monies are going toward the insurance and publicity. It is a Not-for profit market.I understand Kelly you feel like it took a change of pace without you on some level, but things had to get done. Spring is here, the time is now to do it. But your idea is great, go ahead but guys, don't feel pressure to have to come up with too much to start. Feel it out, build your stuff slowly if it works for you. I really feel confident it is going to be great. I will have a vendor sign up sheet with all the info on it in about a week. also so you know , it is due to start, 18th April. For those who want to give it a shot for 4 weeks, however they span that out, they will also get the first 2 weeks in April for free.There will be a soft opening for it , to iron out any creases and then a big opening at beginning of May.
let me know if you have any other questions....
Great idea,... I'd be willing to satff the table one weekend a month...
Awesome, thanks for the details Sherie... I am totally convinced it will be great and I think I was just a little unprepared for spring to be upon us! Thanks for getting it done.

As for the standby/drop in options I think that's great, too.

For me the Made In Beacon table share is also a way to share not just an inventory but the time commitment and the $25/week.

What do the interested parties - Margot, Sonia, John, et al - maybe we can find a time to meet up soon and hash out details? I'd suggest we sign up for the first 4 weeks (4/18 and 4/25 will be free, then first 2 Saturdays of may for $25 each) and that will mean 1 Saturday for each of us to staff and just $12.50 per person for an entire month.

I'm flexible on weekends or weekday evenings to meet at Zuzu's or Chill...
Hi kelly, I'd love to meet with you guys. I think my post may have ben misleading. Sorry! I'm going to try to make stuff every week- I'm working on an etsy site so this will be good motivation to get my butt in gear!. I was thinking of maybe sharing a table with shannon ( if she'll have me) but I would be happy to help and support the Made in Beacon movement.I know others who might be interested though so keep me posted. Thanks!
Margot - no worries, go for it! Look forward to seeing you at the market... K
this sounds great for me also!
hey all - not sure who was in for meeting up tomorrow but I've been under the weather and need to reschedule... Pls send me a message or reply to this to let me know you saw this post. Thx! K
Ok--saw this and keep us posted as to your reschedule, Kelly. Thanks!
Hey sorry I dropped the ball here - been busy!

So I think it's easier if we get an email conversation going for those interested in a Made in Beacon table - email me at and we can get working on details.



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