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Hey everyone -

So since Sherie has got us permission to use the space and is sorting out stuff like insurance, let's talk about who wants to do what as far as coming up with a logo and a poster to put up around town.

I can volunteer to do a poster layout in InDesign. Any designy types want to take a crack at a logo? Post your ideas here...

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Also - we don't HAVE to call it the Beacon Artisan Market...
we don't , any other ideas? I don't mind it, although it may get confused with BAM in Brooklyn.
Kelly Kingman said:
Also - we don't HAVE to call it the Beacon Artisan Market...
I'm trying to think of names that are more creative than Beacon Craft Fair but not much luck so far... more beer may be required.

But to bring in our earlier exchange, the first idea for a logo that I had was the acronym BAM (or whatever it ends up being) as found lettering somewhat like this, but with crafty objects.

While I was looking for that image, though, I found this cool, big B made out of stuff and thought that could be fun too. We'd of course make our own version...

I was just looking at the image and noticed the "Made in Bunch" - what about Made in Beacon?
I like it, good one, your amazing at 'whipping it up"

Kelly Kingman said:
I was just looking at the image and noticed the "Made in Bunch" - what about Made in Beacon?
I have met with the people(shop owners on Main Street) who can help with insurance. It seems I was not the only person trying to get this market going. So we are going to join forces, logistics as far as name etc may take on a new light. I will be meeting with them in the next week or so and will post an update.
Insurance will be taken care of with these guys,
good news.
Also can I submit your idea , I like it the B thingo
I think MADE IN BEACON is a great idea. Love the fun B!

Here's a quick/dirty version of the MIB logo. We could do a big crafty B later but to be honest I don't have time right now to do that from scratch.

Sherie - I can do a flyer (I have software and access to printers at the day job) but should we also find someone who could do a sandwich board sign, like they put up at the intersections near 84, etc.?

another option...
I can't do design types of things, but I can hang stuff up around town.
before we go any further, I had a meeting today with Ron(owner of Kringles Christmas shop) . He and I are joining forces on this project, he has insurance covered and many other great ideas and contacts. We have come up with a name. It is all going to be announced, kelly we are going to use the "B" idea you suggested, its great but it is going to be a "H" for Hudson River Market.
Hope you guys like it,as this is what it's going to be. I will explain further in the main discussion area.


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