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Hi artisans, long time no speak!

I'm planning — along with the Piggy Bank and the city website volunteers — a party to celebrate not only 1 year of BCN's existence but to salute all the members who have gotten involved in the community in various ways - from picking up litter on Main Street to organizing a pick up soccer game.

SO July 12th, from about 1 to 4 pm the parking lot of the Piggy Bank will be one big block party. There will be food, a band, activities for kids, and BCN groups will be invited to have a table set up - Beacon Artisans, BACA, Incline Railway Society, etc.

My question to you all is do any of you in this group want to be in charge of organizing a table at the event for our artisans to sell their wares? It could be one people or several, but I wanted to get the ball rolling now because I will be becoming increasingly busy with planning stuff.


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ooh now that's an exciting update! count me in to help out. if it's a tent kind of thing, i've got one to offer.
Fantastic. I think we're renting tables or borrowing from Howland Center, but tent will be necessary for shade. Thanks!
Dang! i wish i could be a part of this but I'll be out of town! Have fun!
Kelly, this is great!! I can't believe its been a year since you walked up to me at my yard sale and told me to join this new network you just created!
We'll be there. I can't promise any merch, as I am currently getting extremely overworked by Marist College, but I can't miss a block party. Do I get a hat or something for being the first person besides you and Paul to join Beacon Citizen Network? I look good in rhinestones...I'm just sayin'
AH, back in the day. I'm sure something could be arranged! :-) We should have free clown noses for the first 20 people who joined!


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