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I couldn't convince myself to vote for either Maloney or Hayworth, so I wrote in "none of the above".  After feeding my vote card through the machine, I asked how write-in votes are tallied.  The poll worker didn't know.  After heming and hawing for a while, she said she was going to ask someone, then walked behind the voting stands.  I got tired of waiting and left.  Does anyone know how they count write-in votes?  The machine just reads black spots, so unless the vote cards are all checked, any write-in votes don't count.  It would be a rare situation where a write-in candidate could win, but all votes should count.  I hope someone knows and will post here.  Thanks.

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Looking up past results, they exist:

A lot of "SCATTERING" and "VOID" but also many names. a lot for "GREG BALL" in one election on this page, for example.

I suppose you have to have good hand writing and the manual tabulator has to take the time to care, and the number of votes for the name has to be significant, more than one at least I suppose. I'm just guessing from these results.


I guess one way to test would be to write a name you know nobody else would put, and then see if it shows up in the official election results.  Maybe something like Thirston Evinrude McGivillery III

Ok, thanks Ben, good to know a likely meaningless vote would still be counted ;)

All write ins are registered, if they are names
If a million citizens write in a million names it would make a huge impression and people who might not have thought about trying to run for office might rethink and look for those votes
So keep on doing write ins and showing up at the polls

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