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Hi, everyone! My name is Libbie. I am trying to move to Beacon; I had housing all set up and was ready to move in, but unfortunately it did not work out. Nonetheless, I shall perservere! I was wondering if either a) anyone knew of rentals available for b) knew here to look for local listings, maybe a local paper? I have had no luck online and wanted to ask the locals. :) I am looking for an apartment or possibly even a room to rent in a house; a small house to myself would be ideal. Thanks so much! 

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The "Beacon Free Press" (local newspaper) usually lists some rentals.  The "Poughkeepsie Journal" may also have some listings.  Craig's List is another possibility.  Good luck!

Beacon seems to be moving to a more city-style represented rental market, so if you can swing the fee an agent might be your best bet.  Sam's Realty has its own management operation and I happen to know has at least one available right now (it's on my block) and Claire Browne over at Gatehouse seems to be active in this space as well.  Berkshire Hathaway has a rental in their window right now.  Buona Fortuna!

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