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I've lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Sonoma Valley, London, and, briefly, central Wisconsin. In all my combined years in those places, I experienced fewer power outages than in my 12 months in Beacon.

Hats off to the fine folks of Central Hudson for managing to keep the power on most of the time, and for never taking less than forever to get it back on when it fails!

Honestly, sometimes we feel as though in Pakistan or something. Anyone share this feeling? Anyone up to marching on their headquarters with pitchforks and torches?

As of 12:25 on Tuesday, I have just left a message expressing my intense dissatisfaction with the service Central Hudson provides on the voicemail of Susan Royce, Director of Consumer Outreach, (845) 486-5527. I urge others to do likewise.

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your the one doing the post with as i see it no facts porn on main street ...... i thought this site was to talk about facts not your personal story line because you think your a writer or something

as i read your various post i get the feeling your post are just that hot air with very little fact to them unless this is only to get a rise out of some people ...... if it is to just get a rise then i retract my statement

FYI please overlook my spelling i do noT see very good and typing is very hard for me THANKS TO THE WAR
It's not just Beacon that's affected by recurring power outages. Over here in the Newburgh/Marlboro area, our electricity goes out every month or two, and not just for a few minutes -- more like 6 to 10 hours of darkness. And for the thousands of us on well water, that means no showers, no hand-washing, no flushing toilets ...

I remember growing up in rural Ohio during the 1960s -- lots of severe thunderstorms, plenty of falling trees, occasional tornadoes, etc. And our electricity went out maybe once every couple of years. In 2008, my power went out EVERY MONTH for six months.

If rural Ohio in the 60s had more reliable power than New York in the 21st century, something is definitely wrong. Calling Central Hudson ... please hold ... please hold ...
Eloquently stated, Marc. An engineer from CE finally returned my call yesterday. She gave me some technical explanation of The Problem that I didn't follow, and said that, in light of my disgruntlement, she would try to get a fix budgeted for 2010. But she wasn't able to make any promises.

Exactly when in 2010 she couldn't say.

She did say, in my response to my noting that Central Hudson's billing department seems state-of-the-art, and that my bill never contains an apology or an offer of a rebate, that we're billed only for power used. So during the outages, I'm saving, saving, saving!

You and Charlie may be interested to know that pretending that last week's Corn Festival was in fact a porn festival, and getting a local knucklehead all irate about it, WILL get you shown the door. 'Worked for me!

What's the occasional delusional statement between friends?
I am convinced that if we put up a couple of those wind generators we could electrify the whole town...this place sure gets good wind.

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