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Nearly every Saturday night in the summer, they have a band playing, loudly. Last night, it was loud enough to make the walls of nearby houses tremble. Our house guest found herself unable to read or even watch TV for the din. An elderly lady from around the corner, who has lived in her house since 1947, says she was unable to get to sleep for the nose. Our house guest went down there to ask that they show just a wee bit of consideration, and was angrily advised, by a guy who represented himself as the manager, that "you can't tell me what to do." He said they'd be done by midnight, though the legal cutoff time is actually 11 p.m. When she said she needed to work today (Sunday), and needed to get to sleep, he demanded to know what work she did, as though it's his place to decide whether the restaurant's neighbors are legitimately entitled to a little consideration! I think the word we may be looking for here is "asshole." I urge all Beaconites who endorse the idea of our being considerate of one another to boycott the River Terrace.

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I don't get it. People live next to bars and expect them to keep it down at night. Some lady complains about the HUB all the time. Hello! It's a bar. Music, alcohol, and people. I think that means noise. I know for a fact this does not go on all the time at The River Terrace. A little noise at a bar? Deal with it or move.
No, jerkoff. YOU move. What I ask is that the proprietor of the restaurant disturb me exactly as much as I disturb him, and make it impossible for me to get to sleep exactly as often as I make it impossible for him and his family to sleep. My perfect right to swing my fist to my heart's content ends when it makes contact with your nose. And it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't flagrantly disregard the cutoff time for noise. There's nothing quite like thinking, "Well, at least this will be over at 11," only for it still be going on at midnight.
BLAH BLAH BLAH. You live next to The River Terrace. Deal with it. Swing away though guy.
Sounds like the owners around the HUB got older and can no longer deal with the noise. I can understand that. At the same time I can't expect the HUB to change the way they do things. It's a bar. Get a grip. Not trying to be mean Jo.
The River Terrace could care less how much noise you make. Feel free to turn up your boom box. Trust me they won't come knocking on your door.
You wouldn't by any chance mean that they COULDN'T care less, would you, my friend? I think you're quite right about their being unable to hear my "boombox" over their din. It might be a very different matter if I went to the owner's home, though, and blasted music while he's trying to sleep. You might be interested to know that when I bought my house, I knew only that RT was a restaurant — NOT that they presented live music.
I can help with this. After complaining about the noise from the Newburgh waterfront night clubs by sending letters and calling the Newburgh police at 1:00 AM, I finally took maters into my own hands. Along with a witness, I went across the river and visited all of the Newburgh night clubs and said that I, the Mayor of Beacon, will personally call the State Liquor Authority the following Monday morning if they didn’t cut down the noise after 11:00. I think it worked to a great extent because since then I don’t hear the constant beat from their bands nor have I gotten any complaints from residents. Now I send them letters every week to thank them and suggest that they can use these letters of support when they reapply for their liquor license. I will call the River Terrace this week with the same plan. Sorry, I would have done it sooner but I didn’t know there was a problem.
Steve Gold
Very much appreciated, Mayor Gold.
I lived in the West End (entertainment district) of London and had less trouble with noise there than I do living next door to the RTR. My beef isn't that they host loud parties and book live bands, it's that the very, very loud music continues WAY after 11pm. On the last two occasions the merrymaking finally stopped at 12.15am and nearly 1am respectively - that's unreasonable, as is the owner's aggressive, dismissive attitude. This doesn't happen once in a while, it's most weekends and some weekdays during the summer months.

Alienating a good number of one's prospective clients is not great PR...

The River Terrace has been presenting live music for a while, including legendary hip-hop artist Brucie B. This is not only a great source of entertainment, but brings people to Beacon who might not have ever came here otherwise. Maybe you just complain too much.
Had I known that it was legendary hip hop artist Brucie B who was making it impossible for us to sleep an hour or 75 minutes after local ordinance requires everybody to pipe down, it certainly would have made a world of difference, Jay. Next time we'll be sure to ask ourselves if we're complaining too much.
They complain too much.

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