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I was immensely heartened to hear that Kris Kringle will be taking over the space formerly occupied by the Muddy Cup, and devoting it to holidays other than Xmas. My understanding is that its dedicated Kwanzaa and Hanukkah sections will be the most extensive in the mid-Hudson Valley.

I, for one, will not miss the Muddy Cup's inconceivably surly baristas, who always seemed to hear, "A big cup of coffee, please," as, "I have just poisoned your loved ones."

I am not Charlene Vesuvius. Get that out of your head.

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I thought I saw the sign yesterday say Ron is moving to space across the street from Riverwinds, where the Woodshop used to be, not the Muddy Cup. Or is he expanding to both locations ?

I think Woman of Beacon's tongue just may be in her cheek!

My understanding is that he is expanding to both locations. It's all part of the city council's secret plan to rebrand Beacon as Holidayland, USA.But of course in this, as in all things, we must defer to the greater wisdom of La Vesuvius.

Great, by the way, to see that The Woman of Beacon is making herself heard. I know that my buddy Ray Clary was concerned about her last week.
LOL !! On this site, you never can tell :-) So long as Ron store stays here and open for business, I'm fine! I am one of those wacky people who actually do buy christmas ornaments all year round, and have some very fun stuff from the Kringle shop.

The Little Brit said:

I think Woman of Beacon's tongue just may be in her cheek!


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