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We are new to the area and transitioning our 6-year-old son to school in Beacon next month. We are zoned for Sargent elementary school, and I am seeking any input from families at this school. Our son is in first grade, and because he'll be going through a mid-year transition, I'd love to be equipped with some insights about the school in advance. 

Also, if anyone has experience with the Randolph School or other options nearby, I'd be glad to hear about it. Not sure these would be an option for us, but I'd welcome any information, reflections... 

Thank you in advance, and we are looking forward to getting to know the community. 

If you prefer to reply off-site, please e-mail me at jwapner [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com. Thank you!



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My four children went through Sargent, although our oldest was only there for one year (we moved here when they started 5th, 3rd, 1st, and pre-K).  There were only two teachers that we thought were a problem, and I know one retired a couple years after we moved here, and I think the other one has also.  Overall, we thought it was a great elementary school. 

Hi! Welcome to Beacon!  My children (boy 13, girl 8) went and is going through Sargent and we have nothing but praise, especially with regard to the new principal.  As a matter of fact, I pulled my son out of private school where he was having problems fitting in and successfully transitioned him to Sargent school in 4th grade. II have had a good experience with Rombout Middle School as well, though my son has never been a stellar or motivated student.  The public school teachers and administration here have all been responsive and innovative !


Hello, Jessica,  I know this is an old discussion but just came on to this site (first time in a while) and see this response NOT from me but with my name/pic.  Sorry, but it wasn't from me, don't know how that happened.  


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