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Real Estate Agent/Company Recommendations?

Hi all! My husband and I have finally decided to start 'the house hunt'. Any recommendations for local agents?


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If you're primarily interested in Beacon we may be the agents for you....because we don't go much further afield. A real estate mentor of mine years ago gave me the following advice: Become a specialist in one area. Because it's impossible to know more than one place in depth. And that's what I've done with Beacon. Even after thirteen years I'll still occasionally find myself on a street on which I've never been. But that happens increasingly seldom. I can go down pretty much any street and tell you what a particular house should sell for, within a few thousand dollars. And I've been inside a very large number of them. The beauty of using our services and the fifty plus years of real estate experience that come with it, is that the cost to you is zero, nada, nothing, niente, zilch. Because it's the seller who pays the commission. So why don't you come in and chat and have an expresso with us. Absolutely no obligation, of course. We're right across from the Beacon Theater on Main Street. Perhaps we can help you in your quest for a home in Beacon....  Warm best, Daniel

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