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I received an email today from a Jen Thomas asking to befriend me from BCN, and with a make money at home marketing scheme. I looked this person up on our ciitzens and there is no one here by tthat name. I have deleted the email without clicking the link....if anyone else gets it I think its a scam.


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yep, got it to and deleted it.
I got it too. Delete.
I just contacted Jen this morning, and I've ALREADY MADE MY FIRST $500--Without getting out of my PAJAMAS!!!. IT'S so easy, I couldn't believe it!!!
I got the mail as well and will delete it.
Hi Sue:

I got the same email too. I blocked it and deleted it.

I too got this email and I'm convinced it's a scam.
I got it too and deleted it.
I actually opened my Jen Thomas missive, and have thus far, experienced no ill effects. Fingers crossed.

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