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Possible Bartering &/or Local Renting Group?

I was thinking today about the raised vegetable garden I want to make this spring, and how I would need a tiller, and who to borrow from, etc. Then I thought, I bet there are a lot of tools out there that we need to use only once in a while, and filtering into my brain are things I hear on the news about the return to bartering, and even renting (not from Home Depot, but from our friends & neighbors--and this can extend to other types of equipment, like letter presses, cameras, as well as services and power tools. I guess the possibilities are endless.) Any thoughts on this? I keep hitting the same friends up for the same things, and figured there might be a way to set up some group-barter-type forum.

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Yes yes yes. I absolutely think we should set this up. Skills, tools, et cetera. I would be interested in settign up a database for these purposes....?
i've been thinking about the same thing too. been doing a lot of reading on community bartering, local currencies/the future of money, human/social capital. the NYT just did a writeup a few weeks ago on bartering. i'll set up a barter group if you guys want, and people can post requests as discussion threads.. or as ty suggested, we could just post to the forum. (although if a lot of people get involved in it, it would probably make sense to have it contained in its own space). there's also a 'barter' category on craigslist, but that's for the whole hudson valley, so a little less intimate than a beacon only network. i think this is a great idea. i have so many outdoor projects i'd like to do this summer, like making a green driveway and painting my house, but i don't have an excavator or power washer or paint sprayer, lol. what do you guys think is the best way to set this up?
Glad to hear of the interest, as I have no organizational skills nor web-design savvy to actually start this other than mention it. I agree, I like having it on BCN--Craigs List is just one site I rarely have the energy to delve into. I see many like-minded people right here in town, and would prefer to keep it local. Plus I am already inspired by the gardens I see posted! (Hey--does anyone have a few cups of seed-sprouting mix? I can barter a child's board book or teen manners book I did illustrations for--ha! But seriously...!)
Great idea. I had looked into bartering and local currencies following my first trip to Burning Man earlier this decade. It wouldn't be hard to pull off logistically since there are models that already exist and so much free, open source software to manage it.

FWIW, this is the kind of project that I'm hoping the coworking space will help facilitate, if not generate. Ideally, we'll host public gatherings to discuss these kinds of ideas and get folks to actually step forward to implement.
i think it could be done/has been done and is a great idea. also bartering with help each other out like needing a hand on a project and someone has done or is planning to. they could help each other out. i know most people that move here don't know a lot of people so when it's comes time to do a project it could get a bit hairy. perhaps like a co-op of tools and labor. freecycle is also good for getting something too but sometimes it gets out of hand. let me know what i could do to help get it going.
k, i set up a 'Community Bartering Group'. let's use it!
Here's the link to the new group. This is a great idea... but we may need an outside platform to organize matching people's needs to others' stuff?
Atticus, could you say more about that? Like a group for home projects?
The only problem I see is with the borrowing of tools. I happen to have most tools and a small tiller. Everyone wants to borrow my tools but doesn't want to do anything for me in exchange and I don't want to ask for money. A rake was ruined and I did not receive a new one or any compensation, cause it was "just a rake". Yes, it wasn't a new rake but it was my rake and now I no longer have a rake. If I invested in a $500 tiller and loan it to my neighbor, it should be at least be returned clean. Don't you think? Since the rake incident, I wonder what would happen if my tiller got damaged by rocks or something? Also since I have loaned it out, I am wondering if I have to pay to have the blades sharpened already. You start thinking, maybe I should do the tilling for them to be sure it doesn't get damaged. But that would mean wasting my precious time on someone else's garden. Are my concerns unwarranted?

That is why most barter systems have point system. Because many times, a couple people do all the work and others do all the borrowing.

Time to revive this group!!  I am looking to barter and willing to help where its needed as well!!  I make chocolates, desserts, I am willing to barter that for some of the things I need as well as other things I no longer need.  So let me start the ball rolling!!  Looking for a refrigerator, willing to barter for it!! Please let me know!! Thanks!!


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