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Pete's Eager - New Chinese Restaurant on Main!

Well, it turns out to have been worth the wait! Rick's Place is finally the Chinese restaurant it's been promising to become for these many months, with the unlikely name of Pete's Eager, as in [chef Zhang] "Pete" [Wei] being eager to please us with his extremely creative Szechuan cuisine. And boy, does he ever! I had the duck's pancreas soup today for lunch, and I can think of only two words to describe it: AWE and SOME. Can't wait to go back! Look out, Fu Xing!

Over to you, Charlene.

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Nothing can replace Fu Xing, though!

Floor One said:
Fu Xing Awesome!
It's not April 1st, is it?

Pete Hu?
Two words: FU and KNEE. Ha ha

As far as Bastille Day, "Allez Bobet!"
One is reminded of working as a freelance designer at a Novato, California, firm called Sonic Solutions around the turn of the millennium. One day, they ordered Chinese takeout. Everyone remarked on the deliciousness of the kung pao shrimp, at least until a bloody Band-Aid wad discovered in the bottom third of the carton. I was given the job of phoning the restaurant. When they answered, I asked, "The chef's it healing nicely?" They seemed confused, so I explained. "We have his Band-Aid if he needs it back." They said we would be eating free for the rest of the month, but strangely everyone seemed to have lost his or her taste for Chinese food.

I believe That Laundry Room Craving would be a wonderful title for a song or short story, but I can't do everything here, people.

Thoughts, Charlene?

Eric Wilkerson said:
I'll have to check it out. FYI stay away from the chinese place right next to key food. I was doing laundry one day and started getting that laundry room craving for general tso's chicken. So I walked over to the take out place and as I walked in I saw the cook or the cashier holding a tupperware bowl under the mouth of her sick child who was projectile vomiting all over the table. My only thought at that moment was "Damn, she's gonna need a bigger bowl to catch all that". A awkward moment followed when everyone, even the puking kid stopped to look up at me as if they were caught in the act of a horrible crime.
I turned around and never went back. ever.... I also starved until my clothes were dry.
But yeah! Pete's joint must be slammin to break up the word awesome. I'm sure they have much bigger tupperware bowls LOL
That hadn't occurred to me, Jim. Now that you mention it, it does seem likely that Chef Zhang had our localest living legend in mind when he named the place. A nice gesture!

Jim Cypher said:
Pete's Eager?? A nod to Pete Seeger, perhaps?
Along with Fu Xing, my fave chinese restaurant name is in LaGrange -- Yeung Ho III.

Jim Cypher said:
Pete's Eager?? A nod to Pete Seeger, perhaps?
One is reminded of A La Carte A La Park, sponsored by Absolut, in Golden Gate Park in 1997. I was passing out flyers advertising perfomances by my theatre company. People were generally ignoring me until I took the tack of shouting nonsense as I offered the flyers. At one point, I began shouting, "Absolut vodka shown to cause intoxication in mice!" Deigning to accept a flyer, one local mulletboy sneered, "Well, duh." Moral: Be careful with those duhs. Submoral: Do as Father says, not as he duhs. Balmoral: God save the Queen! Immoral: Stealing the grubby change the blind collect in Dunkin' Donuts cups on busy streets in New York, New York, and other metropoli.

You can never go wrong with the Simpsonic d'oh! Am I not right, Charlene?

Naomi Sachs, ASLA said:
I double-duh ya!
I heard that Wei (Pete) was going to open a cigar store at the same location and to be called" Pete's Cigar"....maybe there were second thoughts....
Now that's just plain silly, George, and you know it. Why is that whenever we try to have a serious discussion about the local dining scene, someone has to trot out a lot of silly puns?

Speaking of the local dining scene, one restricts himself to Maine Street to his own detriment. There are a number of less expensive, more delicious, you know, eateries lining New Hampshire and Vermont Streets, though they admittedly take some finding. Many of the art galleries on those streets are slightly less crap-filled too.

Careful with that ax, Eugene!
Don't ever, ever Double-Duh the Sock Puppet!

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