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I'm getting pretty fed up with the cost of cable TV, and have wondered how many TV channels can be picked up with one of those digital antennas in Beacon.  Does anyone know?  My plan would be to drop all cable service, use an antenna for TV, cellphone for house phone, and an "air card" (or whatever they call them) to allow internet via a cellphone number.  At a minimum, after probably just one month, I could sign back up with cable to get the "triple play" for a year at $99/month.

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So far I have kept my landline, mainly because I was the only person who had phone service during the August 2003 blackout when even the cell towers could not be used.  After 9/11 many TV and phone towers were down too and the only TV was one channel.  People call me on it, but I call out of cell phone to save money.  Beacon the city, needs to keep it too.

Cable sucks but if it comes being able to set up individual channels, like HBO or AMC or TCM- I would drop it in a minute. I do not have HBO to pricy but resent paying to get Turner Classic AND our council meetings.

I purchased a Nexus cell phone and signed with T-Mobile. Cell coverage is not as good as with other providers, but I pay only $30/month plus fees/taxes. That includes unlimited data connection. Plus, I get 100 minutes per month for cell calls, which is more than enough since I am rarely away from an internet-connected computer, at home or in the office. I get good coverage here in Beacon.

I have a Skype number and a Google number. Google is free, Skype about $80/yr. I also keep a Tracfone cell in the car for emergencies. It costs about $80/yr ($20 every three months). The "units" roll over and I have over 1400 units on that cell. Cablevision internet-only is about $60/month.

I am thinking about dropping the T-Mobile because the "reasonably intelligent", android phone is not as wonderful for me as other people seem to think it is. There is no way I would spend a few thousand dollars for an iPhone and the cell service to support it even if I could afford it. I might drop my current cell service and still use the Nexus phone at home to make/receive Skype calls and connect to the internet via WiFi. So its functions would be mostly available to me unless I am away from a WiFi signal.

Don't know about digital TV reception since I don't own a TV, but Mt. Beacon, it seems, blocks the signal of my favorite NYC public radio station (I still get to listen to most of it via internet streaming).

So 2 cell phones, 1 Skype phone, 1 Google Voice number and internet service costs me about $105/month. No TV, but the one time a year I was missing TV, for the Superbowl, no longer matters since it is streamed (watching the Superbowl at Max's or some other Beacon establishment is more fun).

So here's my plan: drop cable (the only thing I ever watch latgely is CBS news, and now that's streaming); drop land line (I just bought my first smartphone!) and use Virgin Mobile for $35/mo; stay with Optimum internet until something better comes along. The cable companies are going to be done in by their own greed.

"stay with Optimum internet until something better comes along"

well, I guess we can wait for Google Fiber to come along... maybe in 20-40 years


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