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Happened to see a cute video this morning of a 4 year old feeding a group of Pitbulls

It made me think of a young man in Beacon that I witnessed being abusive to his dogs one day, while walking them. I told him I was calling the police and he ran home with them. My sister said she had also witnessed this behavior. I think of this event and worry about these dogs. It was just today that I realized I could share this here in hopes that someone knows him or will see him and help to bring him to justice. As I said, he is a young man in his 20's who can be seen walking a group of Pitbulls (3 when I saw him, though he could have more or different dogs now).

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Where did you see him?


A previous version of this post had an exact address but we removed it because there was uncertainty.

I have no problem publicly shaming *public* bad behavior.

By behaving badly *in public* you forfeit the right to privacy, by your own actions.

But we have to be 100% certain if we are going to name names and point out addresses because there is the possibility of honest but tragic misidentifications causing completely innocent people to suffer. People can be framed as well.

I moderate on a much larger national forum and we deal with issues like this all the time. If, for example, there were pictures of this public abuse, I would be happy to publish it, showing faces.

But if there were pictures of bad behavior in private, say through an open window in a private residence, I would immediately take that down and happily cooperate with any legal or criminal actions to identify the poster. We all have the expectation of privacy and private behavior can easily be taken out of context and paint an inaccurate representation of events.

Still, there are laws in some states where activists who try to record animal abuse or unhealthy behavior on private farms can be punished. I have a problem with such laws because our food sources are in the public interest, and we have the right to know where our food comes from and how it is made.

Also why I support the growing trend of police wearing cameras. Their job is done in the public interest, what happens in the line of police duty is not private, they are employed by us (access to video feeds should be according to strict legal procedure though). Cameras protect good cops from bad accusations and weeds out bad cops. 

Anyway, I digress. But the point is we're in a complicated and interesting moral and legal grey area with posts like this. I would have no problem if Regina gave an *approximate* location, for example we're talking about the East end of Main Street here.

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