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Hello all!

I have been offered and accepted an editorial internship with BUST magazine beginning April 1, 2016 and need to relocate to the NYC area. Having visited Beacon a few times in the past and subsequently falling in love with it instantly (while also having two dear friends live there - Gina Samardge and Andy Rinehart), Beacon is my first choice for a new home.

I am looking for a roommate/housemate situation with someone who is relatively quiet and appreciates a balance of social time vs. privacy. This can be a temporary situation that will give me time to find a more permanent living solution also.

A little about me:

I am a 35 year old freelance writer, self-taught seamstress, and voracious reader who has spent her adult years working in bookstores, cafes, and more bookstores. Currently, I am employed as a baker (both vegan and conventional) at a vegan/vegetarian cafe outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I spent the last two years traveling with a traditional tent circus through the South toward Chicago and up through New England. I am married, however, my husband is continuing to travel with shows while I intern in New York. If you know Gina and/or Andy, they can give you a glowing recommendation for me! I am a homebody, preferring to spend my evenings reading, writing, spending time on my computer, cooking/baking, or watching a movie. I love to garden and would be more than happy to assist you with your weeding.

You can respond to me on here, email me at, or message me on Facebook:

Thank you and hope we become neighbors soon!

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A little late in replying, but welcome, Clara! We're also friends (and near-ish neighbors) with Gina and Andy and are fellow chicken-keepers and gardeners (their gardening skills are legendary!). Hope you're settling into Beacon and enjoying the spring!

Matt (and Emily)

Thank you Matt! I actually had to postpone my move (again...grr) to this August/September. The magazine has been gracious with the change and I am once again looking for a place to live. Looking forward to meeting you both!


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