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We have a local charity that shows up most days at 4 pm to collect all the bagels we were unable to sell on a given day, but they have begun to flake out more often than they show up at this point. We also tried the Salvation Army, but they were not interested. Does anyone know of another local charity that I could contact? In this economy there are more people getting their food from pantries than ever in my lifetime and I feel awful at having to throw away perfectly good bread products when there are so many in need.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi Art & Anik!

I work for a nonprofit organization in Newburgh called Safe Harbors of the Hudson ( We provide supportive housing for 128 adults, so many of whom would greatly appreciate fresh, wholesome (and seriously delicious) bagels. I'd love to talk with you about the opportunity, so just give me a ring at your convenience (845.562.6940). Thanks so much!

I noticed a sign for the Fishkill Food Pantry while driving on Rte. 52 the other day. I believe they operate out of the First Reformed Church on Main St. in Fishkill.

They might be another worthwhile option in addition to the wonderful recommendations above.

Fishkill Food Pantry – 845-896-4546
FYI Perhaps the residents of Hedgewood Home might appreciate a donation? Who knows if this is true or unfounded but I read another discussion regarding whether or not the residents are fed only peanut butter & jelly every lunch meal. Also, Hedgewood Home is not a charity though but from this particular discussion I gleaned that the residents might appreciate this donation of bagels. From what I learned it is a 200 bed home Hedgewood Home. I googled for the number & address & this is what I came up with: Assisted/Alzheimer's Lvg - Hedgewood Home, 355 Fishkill Avenue, Beacon, NY 12508 (845) 831-6000

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