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My girlfriend and I are interested in getting to know some of the other LGBTQ community members living in the Beacon area. Anyone have any interest in organizing a group event, drinks, games, hiking, cookout, what have you?

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Just to let everyone know, a BCN Beacon Gay Group has been created, as Gary writes above ... click here to join Beacon Gay Group . Below is basic criteria for being a member of this BCN group - which is a private group. Also note that 3 group members are serving as co-managers, and to support our shared-management structure we created a BCN member "BGG" - which is basically a shared email address.

The Beacon Gay Group is a social group comprised of LGBTQ adults living or working in Beacon. Our goal is to organize social gatherings at our homes or at public events. Due to privacy concerns of our members, we ask all who wish to join contact us by clicking the link within the group and we can arrange a meeting with one of our group members. Besides our larger organized gatherings, members are encouraged to post impromptu gatherings in Beacon.

Please note, while there are basic criteria for joining our BCN group - members are: 1) over 18; 2) live or work in Beacon; 3) and LGBTQ - we do encourage others in the BCN Community to "friend" us via our BGG member page here . We will eblast our BCN friends when the Beacon Gay Group will be meeting at public events, i.e., having a picnic at one of Beacon's festivals. Like all friendships - there is no criteria - and we appreciate having many, loving friends!

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