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I have heard a rumor that the patients at Hedgewood are served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch - can anyone comment on the accuracy of this rumor / the real situation at Hedgewood. I would also like to know whether it is a private or a public institution.

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That's great that you are interested in getting involved, perhaps with volunteer art lessons for patients? From your initial post, I think I read that you were looking for the proper authorities to complain to. Not sure what peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have to do with it either, since that's a pretty nutritious bundle of food. Keep us posted. (And see if you can find out whatever happened to David.)
I know--I was a little confused where this was leading, since I live on peanut butter sandwiches (by choice, and hopefully not by necessity some day!) Back when the Beacon Dispatch was operating, I was hoping someone would do some investigative journalism of a human interest nature. It folded before I could bring it up. (And does anyone remember Reagan declaring ketchup as a vegetable? PB&J--thumbs up!)
over the years we've come up with names for alot of the Heggie (thats our word for Hedgewood) regulars. The guy with the heels is the "Gay Nazy" because he used to wear these shirts with swasticas embroidered into the lapels. He now seems to cinch his waist...if I'd seen that before, I may have been more creative with his name. The old guy in the raincoat (nice guy, by the way) was the Gordon's Fisherman. "Gotta Dollar" David used to come into Mart and announce "I'm doin' good in Beacon!"
I don't know alot about whats going on at Hedgewood either. I don't worry about what they eat, as much as I worry about then wondering around, clearly bored, looking for any kind of stimulation and human contact. If you run into any of these folks, talk to them, offer them a bagel, you may be surprised. I was, when I found my mother-in-law having a snack with the Gordon's Fisherman.

Mark Roland said:
Hedgewood exists so that we normal townies have a convenient local epithet for "crazy person."
E.g. My boyfriend wanders around town like a Hedgewood regular, taking pictures of anything in front of him. --Beacon Citizen Network, early 2009.

Worrying about accuracy of "rumors" and "real situations" regarding peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may put you on the short list for admission to this facility.

Personally, I find the residents of Hedgewood who walk the sidewalks of Rt. 52 to be a reassuring presence and a touch of humanity in an otherwise bleak landscape of car dealerships. The skinny guy with the radio has a new pair of boots that must have 8 inch heels. I still miss "Got a dollar?" David, a man with long white hair, a beard and a yellow raincoat, who often came into town to chat.

Not to add to the rumor mill, but I heard they serve Fluffernutters on holidays.
Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts. I will be closing this post this weekend.
Good idea


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