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There is new legislation for those unemployed who have COBRA or who qualify for COBRA benefits. It helps you maintain current coverage through a 65% supplement paid directly to your COBRA carrier.

See COBRA FAQ, Feb. 17, 2009

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There is also legislation in the Congress providing for single payer health care for all. The bill is called HR 676. You can add your support ... or submit your comments ... by calling the office of Congressman John Hall at 845-225-3641 x 371.
Yes I read about this. Wonderful news for those who were recently layed off after September 2008. However I also heard that it depends on the size of the company.
It just depends on whether one elects to take COBRA or ... if you're paying for your own and you're unemployed. There's even a provision to accept COBRA after the normal 60 day cut off. Click the COBRA FAQ above. I called my insurance carrier and they said the application form is in the mail.

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