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Does anyone know whom to contact about LAZ to correct the handicapped parking situation at the Beacon train Station?  I have mentioned it several times at Council meetings, spoken to LAZ management many times and even discussed the issue with the Beacon Human Rights Council and still nothing has been done. There are not enough handicapped spaces for the people who need them. The layout with the flights of stairs and steep hill make the situation even worse.

There is no distinction between permit and metered handicapped parking-thus there are none left for "once in a while" people, often by 9AM.

Many of the spaces are too far away, more than 100 feet away.

They added 125 more parking spaces a couple years ago, but no additional handicapped spaces.

People are allowed to park in some permit spaces after 10AM but since disabled people have to go up two flights of stairs and then down two flights of stairs-that doesn't leave enough time for the 10:10AM train. You cannot pay even 5 minutes early, the machines won't let you.

LAZ suggests I drive to Cold Spring or come early, which means 8:30AM even if I need the 10:10 or 11:10 train.

The fines for parking in permit spaces without a permit climb drastically causing disabled people to pay fines of up to $100 for one or two parking tickets.  That isn't fair.

Please any and all suggestions appreciated, MTA so far says talk to LAZ, LAZ says drive to Cold Spring.

Anna West

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