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Hi, I have built a bunch of coffee tables 5 or 6 and also several different style mirrors with custom frames. So, what to do with them? I build because I have the idea and need to make it real.

 I  have been thinking of turning my wife's office, (Orange Pediatric Care - 301 Main Street) into a gallery just for a second Saturday evening and the following Sunday so I can sell them and earn some money for what else...more tools and wood.

Any thoughts?

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Let's see some pics! :)

Hi JoAnne, I have attached some pics. Also on the first post was a file of attached pictures of my newest table, which is a slight departure from my norm, it is a maple table dyed purple, with some modern industrial accents and an antique oak slab top.

I will also post a few pics of mirrors which are similar to what I have done recently in a second post.


Here are some pictures of two mirrors I have done. - see attached....

Also a coffee table built awhile ago. 

My webpage is, "" though I haven't updated it recently.

Thank you.


These are great!  Yes, you should definately try to sell them!


Thank you!

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