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Don't like either choice of County Legislature--would someone run on write in?

Please, someone do a write in campaign, you might win. Both Forman and Ray have been doing it awhile, we need fresh blood.

Now about that legislation for part timers to pay 15% of health insurance premium. If the vote isn't until after the election, the whole thing is a joke-right? or will it really be voted in?

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Dear Mr Forman- I had read an article that stated the County Bus system has received 4 million dollars in stimulus funds. is this correct? are there any efforts to utilize this funding to improve service, or will it be used to address differred maintanance. Will It benefit the subcontractor who manages the service? I am a regular user of the LOOP bus and have serious concerns about the system. Are there any plans afoot to deal with the transit needs that Beacon will have if the waterfront is redeveloped as currently proposed? It seems to me the County has a huge responibility here. I would appreciate a reply on these issues, and perhaps make some inquiries if you could. Thanks

John Forman said:
Birdy - Bad mouthing other Legislators? When did I do that? All I simply said (please re-read my blog) is that perhaps my counterparts don't feel the same way I do on this issue? Too bad I say! We are part-time employees of this county. We are fortunate to even be offered a health insurance benefit - much less get it for free!

CV - Thanks for your kind words. I just got home from a "town hall meeting" at the Memorial Building. I would say it was well attended. The city council present (other than Eleanor) and Alison and I were also in attendance as the County Legislators. I would like to see the following accomplished: 1. Bringing in more people into Beacon is probably a good thing if done correctly. I am not privvy to the costs associated with the additional population (city services, pressure on schools) and on the other end, what the additional revenue would be projected for Beacon. I would like to know what the projections are...very important...2. You would think bringing in 600 or so residents, would help the businesses on Main Street...Main Street was out in force at this meeting tonight...apparently MTA wants to provide some commercial space in addition to the residential space...probably puts more money into MTA's pocket by making this TOD more desirable for a developer...

Where do I stand?...I would like to see the city make accurate calculations as to what the "net revenue" this TOD will generate to help out Beacon...I like the idea of the construction jobs the TOD is going to bring into this area...I don't want to hurt any of the businesses on Main Street...that being said, the "common theme" I've heard for many years, since DIA opened is that BEACON NEEDS A SOURCE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION...and I don't mean the Loop bus! Beacon needs something they can "own and operate"...that costs money...With the money being thrown around in DC, one would think we would be approaching SEN. SCHUMER, SEN GILLIBRAND and CONGRESSMAN HALL for funding to take care of this headache which has lasted years....I'm certain they can find money available to pay for a bus or something...This way, Beacon owns it and then that will put an end to this transporation issue from the Waterfront, to DIA and finally to our Main Street...

I appreciate Mayor Gold for holding this town hall meeting. The input is going to be extremely important. We cannot turn Main Street into a ghostown....but at the same time, we are going to need to keep an open mind...There are no easy answers to this issue...

JO BARBER - Thank you for your kind words. I can assure you, I am not the most popular member of the Republican caucus. There are issues the general public just doesn't really care about at the county level - but this is one they like to talk about and it's been a HOME RUN for's just too bad we've had to wait an entire year...but, the Democrats have a 14-11 advantage in the Legislature and they control the agenda...

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