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Relocating couple + cat looking for a rental!

Hello all,

I hope that this is the correct venue to post this. My husband, our cat, and I are relocating to Beacon in November and we're looking for a place to live. We've spent the last 18 months living and working on the road out of our 30 ft. RV and we're ready to move into a home sans wheels.

Who we are: John, Clara and our 13 year old cat named Griffin (who comes with excellent references, by the way). We are in our mid-forties and mid-thirties respectively and have no children.

In our past lives, John's been a traveling musician, a barista, a bookstore clerk, a manager, and currently works as a professional circus clown (think Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Looney Tunes, rather than your ignorant uncle drunkenly applying make-up and calling himself a clown). Clara's been a bookstore manager, a barista, a receptionist, a freelance writer, and currently works as the front gate manager and face painter for the Kelly Miller Circus.

What we're looking for: As evidenced by the fact that we've lived in a 30 ft. RV for awhile, we can live in small spaces. We're not too particular, but have a few things on our wish list: 

  • Rent at or around $900/month or a lower rental amount with skillshare bartering.
  • Cats must be allowed, obviously. 
  • At least one bedroom, one bath. Anything else is a bonus and not necessary.
  • Clara has worked on a farm in Michigan, has farming in her DNA and is hoping to grow food again. A community or backyard garden would be ideal...collaborating on organic and heirloom food with new friends is encouraged!
  • Within or very close to Beacon is preferred.

When we need it: Early-mid November...our season ends around October 28th and we'll be making our way to NY from Oklahoma via a few family stops along the way in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Where: We'll be happy in a neighborhood or on a farm. If you're still Beacon-accessible, but not in Beacon proper, let's talk!

Why: In our 15 years together, we've moved around a lot. We're nomads but we miss having community. After visiting Beacon a couple of years ago to see friends (Gina Samardge and Andy Rinehart - they can confirm we're pretty good people, if not a bit hermit-y), we fell utterly in love with the town. The location, the nature surrounding it, the culture, the mom & pop charm infused in its downtown area, and the people all made us feel right at home. We're not idealistic; we realize it's not perfect but we've recognized a quality about it that makes us feel like we'll fit right in.

If you're still reading this, you must be at least a tiny bit intrigued. Thank you! Feel free to friend/message us both on here and if you have any leads on a place to live, we're interested in talking. Looking forward to meeting many of you this winter!

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Hi, Clara welcome to Beacon you're going to love it!

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