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After Sunday's Hocus Pocus Parade in Beacon, my family and I took a drive along the Hudson. Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic when we hit Cold Spring. We then realized that Cold Spring was also having their town parade and it was due to start any minute which explained the crazy traffic. We decided to kill some time by checking out the costumes on the pedestrians when my husband pointed out a 10 year old ghost. To my horror and complete dismay, that child was NOT dressed as a ghost. He was dressed as a KKK member. We were speechless. Who would teach their child such ignorance and hate?? What saddened me the most was the tolerance. Noone else seemed to give them a second look or even a disapproving glare. Nothing!

Today, after several conversations, we've been told that this is common and that there is no diversity in Cold Spring at all. Apparently the KKK had/has a big following there.

Who knew???

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Hi again Milli,
I am white, this is true but I despise the KKK and if I knew of any activity of theirs in my community I would speak out and loud. Yes, CS would do well to be more diverse and we have our problems just like Beacon and all other communities. I hope you were wrong and the costume was not really KKK. I cannot imagine that folks would ignore this. As for myself, I am a human rights activist and have fought against racism and bigotry all my life.
Peace and light,
I have heard this as well, as well as some 70's stuff involving a photograph in a Cold Spring cemetery of KKK members sent to Al Sharpton who was planning a march from Poughkeepsie down Route 9 into Cold Spring, warning him against such an action (Brawley era). Ask around, whether all the stories are true, hard to say, but I have heard this from enough people that I am sure of KKK presence at least until the 80's. Regardless of this, if there was a KKK ghost in the parade, I still cannot imagine that it was not, one addressed on the spot by someone in authority--I would think that it would just not be allowed and two, that it was not you-tubed, or broadcast--if I were there, I would have recorded it certainly and gotten the word out--I am pretty surprised to hear this just now--are you really sure that is what you saw?
Well I will say that your comment is not far from the truth. I moved here (cold spring)back in October 2009 with wife and 5 children and each of them have had children in their classroom address them with some type of racial related comments. It started with one child saying to my 1st grader "you can't sit at my table because your black". The ironic piece on this one is the first day my daughter showed up in the classroom the child went home and told his mother something about black people and she ignored it until the school called when he later made the above comment directly to my daughter, Next a kid asked my 5th Grader "Are you poor", then you can sit with "us" because you know why... your different than us, she was originally a "friend" of his until she got in a group of other kids. Next a High School Student was on the school bus talking to two middle school students and said in reference to my Son (6th grader) his mother is nothing but a "N". The two boys reported and the Kid after several interrogation from the school admitted it and wrote an "apology letter" and was suspended for a couple of days from school. The school has been quick and very supportive in response to all of the incidents but we don't blame the schools we blame the parents. We have asked to have a meeting with the High School parents and one day before the meeting they cancelled saying there son has been basically dealt with enough and nothing else needs to be done. The purpose of the meeting was to find out why he even had anything to say about my wife who has not interacted with him at all and then to educate him and his parents on what the "N" word really means. So the fact they've cancelled explains that he used a word that is heard constantly around the house. We were willing to end this all with the final meeting but they have backed out. The principal is reaching out to them one more time and after that we will just make sure that people know the type of families reside in Cold Spring by name.
Hey tjbritt, I'm sorry to hear your story. Its worrisome because for some time I've been considering moving there from NYC - where I've lived for 26 years. I have to say, the lack of cultural diversity in Cold Spring is disappointing and a bit unnerving (we are a multi cultural family). Still, with its high ranking schools, dramatic scenery and close proximity to the city - it's a real draw for us. I understand your a new resident but would you say it was an isolated incident or were there others? How have you been treated generally? I keep reading that Cold Spring is 98% white. Surely this still can't be true - what with its close proximity to NYC and Beacon?
Well let me update you we have moved from Cold Spring to North Carolina where threre is diversity. This is not an isoloated incident and Cold Spring is not the place for any multicultural family. My children have been through living hell !!!! The schools are excellent but some of the teachers that are original Cold Springers require daily reminder that they should treat all children equally. Not to mention one of the teachers in the middle school Grand Father was the Grand Wizard for the KKK. Since those that we were close to knew that we had made the decision to depart we got so many stories of how they have treated other African Americans or non whites that have lived in Cold Spring in the past. We would have stayed there and fought but in 2010 my children do not need to be put through that type of lifestyle. Our last day ended at my 5th grader graduation and 10 7th graders encouraging and protecting a second grader who used his back pack and hit my son in the face several times and was told if he responded they would jump in. On top of that this kid was the kid of my sons 6th grade teacher and she left her 2nd grader in the care of her 7th grader while she was in class teaching and then we find out that this second grader has "known" behavior issues and they have not been able to figure out what his problem has been. So we have filed a police report on the last day of our departure and have been advised not to expect anything to be done about it with Cold Spring PD. So besides all of that if Cold Spring is drawing you then you had better be prepared for your children to be separated and isolated from the groups and not invited to certain events that all of the other children in their classroom have been invited to. If you are ready for that in 2010 then move on to Cold Spring.
I have lived in Cold Spring for the past 15 years. I am not a "Springer" and from what I am told, no matter how long I reside here, will never be.
I googled the KKK and the Underground Railroad in Philipstown because there is a 7th grade Social Studies competition on the history of the Hudson Highlands that my son would like to enter. There were many topics suggested, but he and I thought there may be other interesting topics to explore. Recently, my husband heard rumors that there had been a KKK cell in Philipstown and I remember hearing there was a house in Cold Spring used during the time of the Underground Railroad. In an attempt to find something a little different than the typical history of Philipstown, we ended up here.
I knew of some of the troubles tjbritt commented on and, as a resident of Cold Spring, I am embarrassed about what happened to him and his family. As a white woman, my experience living here has been good. It is true that our community is mainly white with very little ethnic diversity. Even so, I find it extemely difficult to believe that there was a 10 year old child dressed as a KKK clansman at the annual Halloween parade and that "no one else seemed to give them a second look or even a disapproving glare." As a mother of four children, I do know many people and some quite given to gossip. I never once heard of this incident. I admit I was not there. I was busy entertaining over 100 friends, many residing in Philipstown, at a Halloween party. I truly believe that those attending my party were not the only residents in Philipstown that have no tolerance for hatred.
Anyway, my son would still like to enter a competition on the history of the Hudson Highlands. If anyone has any information on the documentation about the Underground Railroad or the KKK in Garrison, Cold Spring, Nelsonville or surrounding areas in the Hudson Highlands, we would be very appreciative.
Thank You
im quite glad the klan is around the area. good part of american history. take a look at beacon really take a look drugs, bums, muds everywhere mmmmm. beacon needs a klan chapter in my opinion it would clean it up. if you think im just some racist un-intelligent ass backwards hick, walk down the streets for a change maybe by rite stop and kennedys then say otherwise. if you cant admit the truth its either because your not white or your just some liberal cunt that has there head so far up there ass they cant see the fucking problem
Hans your sound like an interesting fellow. I've always kept both eye's on people with your type of charming disposition.

Cold Spring, NY doesn't qualify for diversity grants. There's a reason the town is still a white town. Modern day sundown town. People of color may visit for a while but they definitely don't stay especially once they feel the element of bias. They are not as obvious as they used to be ...but there are reasons why people of color feel the way do. Excuses..the sense of entitlement whites have in this town. Why is a person of color supposed to be a lesser human being, not deserving same quality of life is behond me.

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