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Hey, I am changing vets due to the one I had been using was way to "shot" and "test for everything" happy.
I am looking for someone in the area who is a little more on the holistic side, i.e. not going to recommend I give my dog poisonous tick repellant for example.

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Companion Pet, Dr Ourt? (spelling) in a fit of rage told me my dog needed to be thrown against the wall to control his barking. He's a Pomeranian, bred to bark. This guy needs a new profession
I used to take Kodee there, his name might be "Bach" but a dog whisperer he aint, they are very nice though,I recommended a few people there but it seems they like to test for everything and $$$$ later, nothing.

Anthony Rosa said:
Cold spring Animal Hospital. Dr. Bach is the dog whisperer. They're not holistic, but they are compassionate.
Not to bad mouth a practisce as I have never been there but it is scary when you read stuff like this online, reviews for East Fishkill Animal Hospital,

Killed my dog!!! 1 Star Rating - Unsatisfactory1
By Jaime M. Kellner Preston Dvm - East Fishkill Animal Hospital

I took my little Dachsund Sophie for routine shots. It was her first time. They took her into a room and I heard a loud yelp. I saw people rushing. 15 Minutes later the doctor came out and said he was sorry "your dog didn't make it"! Didn't make it? She didn't go there because she was sick!!!!She went there for routine shots. They OVERDOSED the dog! They were insensitive and cruel about the whole thing. It was shocking. I live 2 minutes walking distance from these people and will NEVER use them again. I cry that I have to drive by their place every day on their way home. Not once even an apology. In the end, my dog was nothing to them. Just an animal. That dog was part of my family. They don't care. Stay away!

Posted 01/25/09


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